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In April 2009, Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd. ("Meiji Seika") and Meiji Dairies Corporation ("Meiji Dairies")—which have developed as leading companies in the fields of confectionery and dairy products respectively—established a joint holding company, Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. The aim of the management integration is to create a new Meiji Group that is well placed to seize opportunities for greater growth by meeting changing needs related to food and health.

Background and Purpose for Management Integratio

Meiji Seika and Meiji Dairies both originated from the former Meiji Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and have each developed into leading food products manufacturers in Japan, having enjoyed the trust and support of customers throughout a history spanning more than 90 years. While Meiji Seika has expanded its business domains from confectionery and food products to pharmaceuticals and has developed into a unique "food and pharmaceutical" company offering products and services under the keywords of "Tastiness and Enjoyment," "Health" and "Reassurance," Meiji Dairies has developed into a comprehensive dairy company providing "Tastiness," "Health" and "Nutrition" centering around milk and milk-oriented technology and product capabilities.

In addition to the historically amicable relationship between Meiji Seika and Meiji Dairies, the two companies have recently been conducting joint product development and other initiatives, and establishing a cooperative relationship. As a result of discussions concerning the development and promotion of the two companies' cooperative relationship in order to further enhance their respective operating bases and strengthen competitiveness, Meiji Seika and Meiji Dairies reached the conclusion that it would be best to work towards establishing sustained growth strategies and differentiation strategies by maximizing brand power, research and development capabilities, technological capabilities, marketing capabilities and other management resources of both companies through management integration. The two companies, who as leading companies in their respective business domains of confectionery and dairy products have benefited from the strong support and trust of their customers, believe they can capture even greater opportunities for growth by further developing the current cooperative relationship through integrating their management.
Through the management integration, the new Meiji Group will become a unique corporate group capable of contributing to people's healthy and pleasant lives in a wide range of areas, from food products such as confectionery and dairy products to pharmaceuticals. In particular, while taking advantage of its existing strengths in the pharmaceutical business, the Meiji Group will continue to cultivate and develop the healthcare business, which is expected to grow significantly in light of the advancing aging society and enhanced awareness of health, into a new pillar of business. Then, as one of the world's leading "Food and Health" corporate groups possessing top brands in many categories and commanding in excess of one trillion yen in sales, the Meiji Group strives to continue to exponentially improve the value of the Meiji brand and grow and develop each business by offering the value which both Meiji Seika and Meiji Dairies have pursued ("Tastiness and Enjoyment," "Health and Nutrition," and "Safetiness and Reassurance") to customers across all age groups. Furthermore, the Meiji Group will strengthen global competitiveness and work towards further sustained growth by providing high value-added products with the integrated strength of both companies, aggressively developing businesses in growing sectors both in Japan and overseas, and strengthening the operating base.

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