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Dairy Products

Dairy Products

The dairy products segment conducts quality control in the handling of sensitive dairy materials by focusing on the fundamental question of how to provide customers with "safe, reassuring, and tasty" food products. The Group makes every effort to fully comply with all laws and to ensure product safety. In 2007, we instituted our in-house developed "Meiji QualiAS"* quality assurance system to enhance our ability to fulfill customer expectations for reassuring and satisfying products. Application of the Meiji QualiAS system throughout the entire dairy products operations of the Meiji Group allows us to provide the "quality we promise to customers."

*Meiji QualiAS: Meiji Quality Assurance System

Measures implemented at every stage to ensure the "Quality We Promise to Customers" in Meiji's milk product, "Meiji Oishii Gyunyu"


The natural and
fresh scent

of raw milk


The delicate

of raw milk


A refreshing taste, with the mild rich flavor
of raw milk

Development and Design

We regularly collect samples of raw milk to be used as the basic ingredient for our products, and conduct taste analysis and assessment using testing equipment and gustatory and olfactory researchers.


When it arrives at the plant, the raw milk to be used as the basic ingredient is retested for taste, and only the raw milk that fulfills the requirements is used. Steps are then taken to preserve and refine the quality of the raw milk.


The raw milk is processed using the dairy products segment's unique Natural Taste Manufacturing Process. The Natural Taste Manufacturing Process keeps the raw milk's original taste virtually intact by minimizing the taste deterioration that occurs during heat treatment.


Our efforts include the introduction of delivery trucks equipped with temperature recorders and special suspension systems to protect against temperature changes and unnecessary shaking that can compromise the quality of the milk during transport.

Sales and Communication

We suggest presentation methods to retailers, such as supermarkets and mass retailers, to ensure eye-catching product displays that make it easy for customers to distinguish and select Meiji products.

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