2020 Vision

Management Philosophy

Meiji Group Philosophy

Our mission is to widen the world of "Tastiness and Enjoyment" and meet all expectations regarding "Health and Reassurance."

Our wish is to be closely in tune with our customers' feelings and to always be there to brighten their daily lives.

Our responsibility as "Food and Health" professionals is to continue finding innovative ways to meet our customers' needs, today and tomorrow.

Meiji Group 2020 Vision

The Meiji Group of the Future

The Meiji Group aims to become a corporate group that brightens customers' daily lives by providing customers of all ages, from infants to the elderly, with foods that offer tastiness and enjoyment, as well as products that contribute to customers' physical and emotional well-being. This way of providing value is unique to the Meiji Group, and is what clearly distinguishes it from its competitors.

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(Released on September 14, 2010)