Corporate Bonds and Ratings

Corporate Bonds (As of July 28, 2017)
Name of Company Name of Bond Date of Issue Amount of Issue (millions of yen) Interest Rate (% per annum) Date of Redemption
Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. 2nd Series of Unsecured Straight Bonds September 26, 2011 15,000 0.76 September 26, 2018
Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. 4th Series of Unsecured Straight Bonds July 27, 2012 20,000 0.51 July 26, 2019
Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. 5th Series of Unsecured Straight Bonds December 20, 2012 20,000 0.33 December 20, 2017
Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. 6th Series of Unsecured Straight Bonds January 28, 2014 15,000 0.52 January 28, 2021

Note: In accordance with the bond-backed debt assumption agreement, we transferred debts for our 2nd, 4th and 6th unsecured bonds. As our bond redemption obligation to bond holders survives until the bond redemption date, this is noted in the consolidated balance sheets as contingent liabilities.

Ratings (As of July 11, 2017)
Rating Agency Long-term Issuer Rating Short-term Issuer Rating
Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. A+ J-1

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