For the Environment

We are fully aware that our business operations depend upon the bounty of nature. We strive to conserve resources, protect the environment, and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Environmental Management

The Meiji Group is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its business activities. Business operations are carried out in accordance with our Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy, which aim for harmony with the environment.

Environmental Philosophy

We, the Meiji Group, in recognition of the fact that our business operations originate from the bounty of nature, will contribute to the creation of a sustainable society. To this end, we intend to harmonize our business activities with the global environment and manage the Group in a way that protects the environment.

Environmental Policy

To make the Meiji Group's Philosophy and Environmental Philosophy a reality, we adhere to the following environmental policy in carrying out our business activities.

Compliance with laws and regulations
1. We will strictly comply with laws, regulations, ordinances, agreements with stakeholders, and industry standards relating to the environment, as well as our Group's environmental standards, both in Japan and abroad.

Continuous improvement of environmental conservation activities
2. We will effectively operate and work to continuously improve our environmental management systems.

Reduction of environmental impact
3. We will endeavor to reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout their overall lifecycle, from design to disposal, and all of our business activities through improved productivity and the reduced consumption of resources and energy.

Biodiversity Conservation
4. We will conserve biodiversity by protecting ecosystems based on a global perspective in all our business activities.

Fostering an eco-friendly mindset
5. We will endeavor to foster employees who respect nature and take the initiative in thinking and acting in ways that are eco-friendly, and realize our Environmental Philosophy.

Coexistence and communication with society
6. We will strive to coexist with society by dialoguing with society and participating in environmental activities. Furthermore, we intend to properly disclose environmental information and communicate with society.

Third-Party Certification
We are obtaining third-party certification for our environmental initiatives. We are advancing the acquisition of certification under the ISO 14001 international standard. Also, we are acquiring certification under Eco-Action 21, a certification and registration system for small and medium-sized companies established by Japan's Ministry of the Environment.

ISO14001 Multi-site certification
9 (operating bases other than the above)
Eci-Action21 9

Environmental Management
Meiji and Meiji Seika Pharma conduct environmental management through environmental committees comprising representatives of related departments. Established in 2016, the Meiji Group Environment Committee monitors the progress of each company's environmental measures and reports to the Group CSR Committee.

Plants and research laboratories of the Meiji Group

Material Balance (Fiscal Year Ended March 2016)



  • Total Material Input Volume
    Raw materials
    1,580,000 tons
    Packaging containers
    130,000 tons
  • Total Energy Input Volume (Including offices and commercial
    435,180,000 kwh
    Fuel (heavy oil, town gas, etc.)
    91,000 kl
    (heavy oil conversion)
  • Water Resource Input Volume
    City water
    988,000 m³
    Well water
    12,103,000 m³
    Water for industrial use
    526,000 m³
    Service water
    18,351,000 m³
(Including offices and
commercial vehicles)
  • Waste
    35,000 tons
    Packaging containers
    33,000 tons
  • Total Water Discharge
    Water discharge volume
    16,073,000 m³
  • Chemicals Discharge
    PRTR substances discharge volume
    13 tons
    PRTR substances transfer
    410 tons
  • Greenhouse Gas
    Discharge Volume
    430,000 tons
  • Impact Volume
    Related to
    Pollution and Living
    240 tons
    88 tons



  • Greenhouse Gas Discharge Volume
    120,000 tons



  • Total Product Sales Volume
    Total product sales volume
    1,620,000 tons



The material balance figures are
the sums of figures for Meiji Co., Ltd.,
and Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.

Environmental Conservation
As the Meiji Group depends upon the bounty of nature, it undertakes various environmental conservation activities.

Meiji concluded an agreement on the conservation of wild birds with the Wild Bird Society of Japan. Based on this accord, we jointly established a bird sanctuary in the Nemuro Nature Conservation Area, which we own, in Nemuro-shi, Hokkaido. In the conservation area, our employees volunteer to protect the environment. In addition, the area is used for the environmental education of local residents.

Also, Shikoku Meiji supports joint activities that government bodies and companies conduct to maintain and improve forests. The company has concluded a five-year agreement, which began in 2014. In 2015, we cleared part of a bamboo grove to create conditions suitable for the growth of 500 mountain cherry trees.

Environmental Communication

The winning farmer (left) who received Meiji Milk Chocolate

Elementary school students tour environmental-related facilities

Meiji Seika Pharma's Gifu Plant provides environmental education for elementary school children. We explain our environmental conservation measures and give plant study tours of our environmental facilities.