CSR Promotion

External Dialogues and Educational Activities

Holding Workshops with Experts

Ayako Sonoda's seminar

Ayako Sonoda's seminar

The Group CSR Committee holds workshops with outside professionals. We invited Ms. Ayako Sonoda, the president of Cre-en Inc., to a workshop in February 2016. Ms. Sonoda gave a seminar about stakeholders' rising expectations.

Informing Employees

The Meiji Group strives to keep employees informed about our CSR system and activities. Each edition of our in-house company magazine includes important CSR information for our employees, such as recent CSR activity news and special features on relevant topics.


To mark its 100th anniversary this year, from a long-term perspective, the Meiji Group has begun identifying its CSR in all areas of value chains and addressing them accordingly. In April, the Group established the Meiji Group Procurement Policy and the Meiji Group Policy on Human Rights. Based on these policies the Group should prepare for ethical, socially equitable procurement for the coming Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Group procures cocoa beans mainly from Ghana, and the Group’s support for cocoa farmers in the country is a model for helping farmers to become self-reliant.

It is important to exercise due diligence and provide customers with reliable, reassuring information in the procurement of other goods. Also, I look forward to the establishment of a CSR policy for the entire Meiji Group in Japan and overseas that is based on an in-depth understanding of international standards.

Ayako Sonoda President of Cre-en Inc.

Ayako Sonoda

President of Cre-en Inc.