Diversity Promotion

Promotion of Diversity

Basic Approach

The Meiji Group respects the diversity of employees and maximizes their capabilities to enhance corporate vitality. In this way, we will realize our Group Philosophy, which states that our responsibility as "Food and Health" professionals is to continue finding innovative ways to meet our customers' needs, today and tomorrow.

Support for Women

Approach to Supporting Active Participation of Female Employees

We will expand and improve systems that help employees balance work and family life. Also, we will increase opportunities for female employees. For example, we will steadily increase the number of women in managerial positions by employing women proactively, improving training systems, practicing job rotation, and utilizing information-sharing sites.

Main Initiatives Measures to Empower Women

  • ・In fiscal 2015, women accounted for more than 40% of new hires.
  • ・ We have an in-house portal site that provides information for female employees playing active roles. The site includes a message from the president about women's empowerment, articles on female managers in the Group, and information about in-house systems for such life events as having and bringing up children.
  • ・ We conduct training to help women develop their careers.
  • ・ We conduct training for managers who supervise female subordinates. We will create an organization that enables women to realize their capabilities and cultivate respect for diversity among employees.

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

The Meiji Group complies with statutory employment quotas for persons with disabilities. We also aim to create workplace environments where employees can thrive regardless of any disabilities. Our Tokai Plant, in particular, is a conducive workplace that specializes in employing persons with disabilities.

Percentages for Employees with Disabilities
  FYE 3/2014 FYE 3/2015 FYE 3/2016
Percentage of employees with disabilities (%) 2.05 2.13 2.10

Reemployment of Retired Personnel

We allow personnel to continue working beyond the legal retirement age of 60. These personnel can provide experienced guidance and set a valuable example for younger employees.

Reemployment of Retired Personnel
  FYE 3/2014 FYE 3/2015 FYE 3/2016
Number seeking reemployment 57 54 72
Percentage of applicants reemployed (%) 100 100 100

Support System for Employees Nearing Retirement

We conduct seminars to give employees an opportunity to consider their post-retirement options. The seminars cover such topics as pensions, the social insurance system, finding fulfillment in life, health, and financial management.