With Society

Initiatives Carried Out as Part of Business Activities

The Meiji Group incorporates a variety of CSR initiatives as part of its main business activities. Our food and nutrition education activities and plant tours are well-established favorites among our customers. We also contribute to society through development of special infant formulas and drugs for rare diseases.

Food and Nutrition Education Activities

Three Areas of Priority

Our education activities focus on three areas of priority: the value and enjoyment of food, nutritional balance, and food-related safety and reassurance. We create opportunities for our customers to learn about and enjoy food, and to better understand the nutritional value and health benefits of different foods.

Three Areas of Priority

Plant Tours

Staff from Meiji Naruhodo Factory Aichi

Staff from Meiji Naruhodo Factory Aichi

Meiji Co., Ltd.'s plants include visitor centers that carry out educational plant tours. Visitors can observe production processes firsthand while learning about our commitment to food safety and reliability. The centers also conduct fun and interactive classes. More than 140,000 people visited seven Meiji plants, nationwide, in FYE March 2016.

In July 2015, we opened a new visitor center at the Aichi Plant. In addition to tours of the plant's production lines, the center includes a food and nutrition education room where visitors can learn through hands-on experience.

In fiscal 2016, we renewed and reopened the plant study tour centers of our Osaka, Kansai, Sakado, and Moriya plants with Meiji Naruhodo Factory based on the same principles.

Meiji's Special Infant Formula Helps Save Babies' Lives

Our lineup of special formulas (registered special formulas)

Our lineup of special formulas
(registered special formulas)

We manufacture and sell special infant formulas for babies with a variety of metabolic disorders. Often, babies are born with congenital metabolism disorders (also known as "inborn metabolism errors"). These babies require special nutritional management using special formulas suited to their particular disorder. Meiji is committed to the production and supply of these special formulas.

We manufacture and supply 21 types of special formula for a variety of metabolic disorders. These include officially registered formulas as well as formulas designed for treatment of non-congenital metabolic disorders.

In March 2015, mothers from two patient groups for inborn errors of metabolism visited our research headquarters at the Odawara Plant to learn more about the manufacturing processes used for special-infant formulas. Many of the mothers shared photographs of their children with us. The experience has helped motivate us to work even harder toward development of these important products.

As a leading manufacturer of infant formulas, it is our responsibility to ensure the healthy development of babies. We will continue to utilize the technologies and expertise amassed through creation of Meiji products to better fulfill this mission.

Social Contribution through Pharmaceuticals for Rare Diseases Drug for Dravet's Syndrome Treatment, DIACOMIT®

Dravet's syndrome is an intractable form of epilepsy occurring in infancy. The disease develops in one infant in every 40,000. The syndrome is a severe disease that has a major impact on patients and their families because it causes seizures, delays physical and mental development, and has a high mortality rate.

As there was no effective drug for Dravet's syndrome treatment available, Meiji Seika Pharma launched DIACOMIT® Dry Syrup (oral suspension) and DIACOMIT® Capsule in November 2012. In the three and a half years since this launch, DIACOMIT has been prescribed to approximately 450 children. Patients, their families, healthcare practitioners, and the government have high expectations for DIACOMIT® and express their gratitude to us.

Photodynamic Therapy LASERPHYRIN® for Injection

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) LASERPHYRIN® 100 mg for Injection was approved for indications for malignant brain tumor treatment in September 2013 and recurrent/residual esophageal cancer in May 2015. PDT is a topical treatment that entails the injection of a photosensitizing agent and the use of laser light to irradiate lesions. The photosensitizing agent has a high affinity with tumors, and the laser light causes tumor tissue degeneration or necrosis. PDT is a treatment method that does not affect normal tissue and mitigates patients' physical burden. Furthermore, we have assumed a PDT-related business from Panasonic Healthcare Co., Ltd. This has enabled us to provide stable supplies of both the drug and the laser equipment and provide effective information about them. In this way, we are promoting the combination of PDT LASERPHYRIN® for Injection and the equipment as a cancer treatment method. To meet the expectations of patients suffering from intractable diseases, we will continue contributing to medicine.


Received the 2015 Himawari Awards

Received the 2015 Himawari Awards

In October 2015, Meiji Holdings received at the 2015 Himawari Awards, organized by NPO Himawari no kai. A Cabinet Office-approved NPO, Himawari no kai supports expectant mothers and those rearing children. The commendation recognized our support for the development of the next generation through the long-term provision of products for child-rearing as well as our proactive empowerment of women.

Supporting People through Chocolate

 Donations to the Children of Refugees Worldwide between 2009 and 2016 Cumulative total: Approx. ¥59.32 million

As a company that delivers happiness and energy to our customers, our desire at Meiji is to always benefit society further. We believe we can do that through our chocolate. Below, we introduce the four activities in our "Supporting People through Chocolate" initiative.

Supporting People through Chocolate

Japan Association for UNHCR
Supporting Refugee
Children Worldwide


(The Office of the United
Nations High
for Refugees)

(Japan Environmental
Education Forum)

Children in Japan

Japan Hospital Clown


For the Environment

in the Amazon

Supporting Refugee
Children Worldwide

A portion of sales from Meiji Milk Chocolate are donated to the Japan Association for UNHCR for use in nutritional improvement programs for refugee children.
(¥6,721,770 donated in FYE March 2016)

Supporting Brave
Hospitalized Children

Meiji serves as a sponsoring member of the Japan Hospital Clown Association, which works to bring smiles and laughter to children fighting illness in hospitals, and to their families and relatives.

Supporting Children
in Japan

We hold a "Kinoko and Takenoko Satoyama Classes" program. In FYE March 2016, the program was held at two locations. Children were provided with opportunities to experience nature and partake in dessert-making.

Supporting Reforestation
in the Amazon

We contribute to the reforestation of the Amazon and support local producers through stable procurement of cocoa beans. Beans are harvested according to Brazilian agroforestry methods, using jointly developed cocoa bean fermentation and processing technologies.

Support for Victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake

In April 2016, Meiji Holdings donated ¥30 million through the Japanese Red Cross Society to help victims of the Kumamoto Earthquake. In addition, Meiji provided infant formula, infant formula for infants with food allergies, enteral formula, beverages, confectioneries, and other relief supplies through organizations and government agencies, including the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Kumamoto Prefecture, the Japan Dairy Industry Association, and the Japan Dietetic Association. Moreover, Group companies sent donations and relief supplies. We will continue giving needed support in collaboration with organizations and government agencies.

Certificate of appreciation from the Japan Dietetic Association

Participation in Local Cleanup Activities and Events

We are aware of our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. Therefore, we regularly clean up and maintain the areas surrounding our facilities. Also, we actively participate in municipal authorities' activities and events aimed at beautifying local environments.