Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Other Ingredients

Meiji Seika Pharma strictly controls manufacturing of its pharmaceuticals, employing a quality control system that covers ingredient checking, manufacturing, packaging and shipping based on GMP standards. We also ensure a high level of quality assurance in the manufacturing of agricultural chemicals and other non-pharmaceutical products, utilizing our know-how from pharmaceuticals. As one of Japanese pharmaceutical companies which have long history in overseas business, we have continuously been supplying a lot of pharmaceutical products and active ingredients to all over the world. Currently we have manufacturing plants in five countries in Japan, Asia and Europe.

1.Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Sodium Hyaluronate (CEP obtained)


2.Active Ingredients for Veterinary Medicines and Feed additives


3. Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) Products

Kanamycin Sulfate

Streptomycin Sulfate

Maltose Hydrate

*These products are not items designed for use by ordinary consumers.
Permission under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law may be necessary to handle certain of these items.