Contracted microbial
fermentation development

Since starting penicillin production in 1946, we, Meiji Seika Pharma, have had extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of finished formulations and APIs for pharmaceutical products, pesticides, veterinary medicines and industrial enzymes by using microorganisms. We offer various kinds of support for the development of microbial production to our customers based on our technology.

Process of contracted development

  1. 1.Production of target substance using microorganisms
    • ・Recombinant protein expression system (MSPEX®)*
  2. 2.Productivity enhancement for the target substance
    • ・Strain improvement (mutagenesis, genetic recombination)
    • ・Method of intracellular gene amplification (ZouA method)
  3. 3.Optimization of fermentation
    • ・Optimization of medium composition and fermentation conditions
      using the technologies and know-how accumulated through
      expensive experience in fermentationof various microorganisms.
  4. 4.Contracted fermentation
    • ・Fermentation and purification at the facilities in the bioscience labs
      (pilot scale with up to 2kL scale fermenters).

We can respond to customer’s request for any process in the above process.

*MSPEX® is a registered trademark of Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd. in Japan.

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