Operating Bases and Group Companies

By utilizing networks in Japan and overseas, we are working to develop, manufacture and distribute high-quality products
which bring joy to our customers. We are also actively developing businesses in overseas growth markets, such as China
and other Asian countries.


As food safety concerns and health consciousness increase, Food and Health have become critical to customers seeking healthy, enjoyable, and satisfying daily lives. In addition to enhancing existing products and services, we will continue contributing to the customers' healthy diets by pursuing and realizing innovations in R&D and a host of other areas to continue finding fresh ways to meet our customers' needs.

Head Office

Research Laboratories

Confectionery R&D Labs. / Research & Development Labs. /Food Science Research Labs. / Food Technology Research Labs. /
Quality Food Research Labs.

Sales Headquarters

Kitanihon / Kanto / Chubu / Kansai / Nishinihon


Asahikawa / Wakkanai / Nishi Shunbetsu / Tokachi / Honbetsu / Eniwa / Tohoku / Ibaraki /
Moriya / Gunma / Gunma Nutritionals / Gunma Pharmaceuticals / Saitama / Toda / Sakado / Kanagawa / Karuizawa / Tokai / Aichi /
Kyoto / Kansai / Kansai Ice Cream / Kansai Nutritionals / Osaka / Kurashiki / Kyushu

Group Companies

【Production and Procurement Function】
Tokai Meiji Co., Ltd. / Gunma Meiji Co., Ltd. / Tochigi Meiji Milk Products Co., Ltd. /Meiji Oils and Fats Co., Ltd. / Chiba Meiji Milk Products Co., Ltd. / Donan Shokuhin Co., Ltd. / Meiji Sangyo Co., Ltd. / Meiji Chewing Gum Co., Ltd. / Tokai Nuts Co., Ltd.

【Sales and Logistics Function】
Meiji Fresh Network Co., Ltd. / Shikoku Meiji Co., Ltd. / Meiji Logitech Co., Ltd.

Meiji Nice Day Co., Ltd. / Meiji Ad Agency Co., Ltd. / Meiji Techno-Service Inc.

【Independent Business Group】
Okinawa Meiji Milk Products Co., Ltd. / Nihon Kanzume Co., Ltd. / Meiji Food Materia Co., Ltd. / KCS Co., Ltd. / Three S and L Co., Ltd. / Meiji Feed Co., Ltd.



Bangkok Office / Hanoi Office