President Message

The Meiji Group will brighten
its customers’ daily lives through
“Tastiness, Enjoyment, Health and Reassurance.”

The Meiji Group business activities are driven by our mission to widen the world of “Tastiness and Enjoyment” and meet all expectations regarding “Health and Reassurance.” We provide a wide variety of products, including dairy, confectionery, nutritionals and pharmaceuticals that are invaluable to the daily lives of all generations of consumers, from infants to the elderly.

FYE March 2018 was the final year of STEP UP 17, our Group Medium-Term Business Plan for FYE March 2016 to FYE March 2018. Meiji Group operating income significantly outperformed initial targets. In the food segment, we promoted the selection and concentration of core categories to propel core business. This resulted in a significant increase in income. In the pharmaceuticals segment, we strengthened core domains and started a new business model to solidify our platform for future activities.

Beyond Meiji - above imagination -” is the slogan for the Meiji Group 2026 Vision we announced last year. Every employee should transcend their current level to achieve continuous innovation and create unique value, which will enable us to grow in Japan and around the world.

To achieve our 2026 Vision, we have created a new three-year Medium-Term Business Plan that extends through 2020. The basic concepts of this plan are; Address ongoing Strategic Issues and Take on New Challenges to Promote Growth. We will expand our market share for highly profitable core businesses and develop new products targeting health-conscious consumers. We will actively expand in overseas markets.

As professionals in the fields of food and health, we will contribute to resolving social issues. Under the Meiji Group CSR 2026 Vision, we will realize a sustainable society for people to live healthy, peaceful lives through our business activities.

Your continued support is very much appreciated.

Masahiko Matsuo

President and Representative Director

Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.