President Message

The Meiji Group will brighten
its customers’ daily lives through
“Tastiness, Enjoyment, Health and Reassurance.”

The Meiji Group business activities are driven by our mission to widen the world of “Tastiness and Enjoyment” and meet all expectations regarding “Health and Reassurance.” We provide a wide variety of products, including dairy, confectionery, nutritionals and pharmaceuticals that are invaluable to the daily lives of all generations of consumers, from infants to the elderly.

In FY2016, our consolidated operating income increased substantially, representing the fifth consecutive year of increased earnings. In the food segment, we focused our resources on core products and implemented structural reforms, resulting in a significant increase in income. In the pharmaceutical segment, although we saw favorable performance overseas, the impact of NHI pricing revisions and market slowdown were greater than expected in Japan, leaving us issues need to be addressed.
It is the final year of our FY2015-FY2017 Group Medium-Term Business Plan, STEP UP 17. Our core theme is to strengthen priority businesses and our management platform and accelerate sustainable growth and greater improvement in profitability.

In October 2016, the Meiji Group celebrated its 100th anniversary. In this occasion we create the Meiji Group 2026 Vision (outline). It outlines the ideal situation for the Meiji Group ten years from now and represents our first step towards the next 100 years. We will combine the strengths we have cultivated over the last 100 years with the latest technology and new findigs. Thus we create innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs with food and health and grow in Japan and around the world sustainably.

Masahiko Matsuo

President and Representative Director

Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.