2026 Vision (outline)

Long-term Vision

We will combine the strengths, the Meiji Group has cultivated over the past 100 years, with the latest technology and new findings. Thus we create innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs with food and health and grow in Japan and around the world sustainably.


Operating income growth rate Mid to high single-digit (CAGR)
Overseas sales ratio 20% or more
ROE Maintain 10% or more

Key Strategies

  1. Secure an overwhelming advantage in core businesses

    In the areas of “Tastiness, Enjoyment, Health and Reassurance,” we will propose unique values and capture latent growth opportunities and increasing medical and healthcare needs on the domestic market. We will establish an overwhelming advantage in core businesses and improve profitability.

  2. Establish growth foundation in overseas markets

    We will apply the strengths of our core businesses towards aggressive overseas business expansion in accordance with the needs of various regional markets. We will strengthen the Meiji Group presence overseas and grow overseas business into one that contributes to improve Group profitability.

  3. New challenges in the health value domain

    We will apply our advanced knowledge related to health, particularly the preventative nutritional and medical fields, to maximize the unique strengths of the Meiji Group food and pharmaceutical business. We strengthen our engagement in the health and preventative domain and propose new health value in Japan and around the world.

  4. Social contributions

    In our drive to achieve a future that promotes both physical and mental enrichment, we will resolve the issues, which people and societies around the world are facing, and improve our corporate value.