Compliance card carried by Meiji Group employees

Compliance card carried by Meiji Group employees

In accordance with our Corporate Behavior Charter, we promote fair, transparent, and free competition. We conduct all transactions in compliance with the laws and regulations of the country in which business is done, respect local cultures and customs, and conform to our own in-company regulations. To further strengthen compliance we work to improve training and increase compliance awareness throughout our organization.

Contact information for the compliance help desk.

The Meiji Group has established a contact information for the compliance help desk to address whistling-blowing and consultations via various methods, including telephone, postal mail, and e-mail. The Meiji Group outlines privacy protection in internal regulations to ensure that whistleblowers and people seeking consultation are not subjected to any unfair treatment.

Compliance Promotion

The Meiji Group implements compliance measures in our pharmaceuticals and food segments that are tailored to the specific demands of those businesses. Each year, we conduct compliance questionnaires to check the extent of implementation, compliance awareness and familiarity with company mechanisms among employees. We analyze these responses to identify important issues, and then reflect these results in future efforts toward improving compliance awareness. We also carry out specialized training for compliance leaders, and regularly issue communications related to CSR.

Furthermore, we hold compliance seminars for senior management including officers, branch and department managers, division managers and affiliate presidents. We also hold a campaign to collect compliance slogans from employees, and award the best entries.

An Ethical and Transparent Pharmaceuticals Company

Compliance training(Meiji Co., Ltd.)

compliance training (Meiji Co., Ltd.)

Meiji Seika Pharma has established a Code of Practice for all officers and employees. As a pharmaceuticals company, Meiji Seika Pharma is committed to meeting society's expectations through the highest standards of ethics and transparency. The company promotes accountability through ongoing dialogues with associated researchers, healthcare practitioners and patient groups. Meiji Seika Pharma has also established "Guidelines on Transparency of Relationships between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions." Based on these guidelines, the company discloses details of the academic research grants that it provides. These disclosures help illustrate the ways in which Meiji contributes to progress in the life sciences while adhering to the highest ethical standards.