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Approach based on veterinary drugs and feed


The Meiji Group provides various products and services to dairy and livestock farmers.
This role is undertaken by Meiji Seika Pharma Co.,Ltd., which operates a veterinary drug business, and Meiji Feed Co., Ltd., a manufacturer specializing in cattle feed.
Partnering to generate synergy and make meaningful contributions – This was the motivation that launched this collaborative effort in the Kyushu Region.

  • Kazuhiko Hirose

    Kazuhiko Hirose
    Animal Health Dept.
    Agricultural and Veterinary Division
    Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.

  • Hirofumi Matsugasako

    Hirofumi Matsugasako
    Corporate Development Dept.
    Meiji Feed Co., Ltd.

Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.×Meiji Feed Co., Ltd.

Why did you start working together from Kyushu?

Hirose: The starting point was a seminar held in 2011. We got to know each other and quickly were able to establish a system for collaborating. Members of both companies visit customers together and hold joint seminars. Staff contact each other and share information.

Matsugasako: Our collaborative development of cow feed is example of synergy. This mixed feed contains chelate minerals, which helps milking cows and calves better absorb essential nutrients and minerals. It is popular among our customers. Moreover, Meiji Feed Co., Ltd. obtained a distribution license for veterinary drugs to offer products related to barn sanitation and disinfectant products. Meiji Feed Co., Ltd. can advise customers based on the knowledge of Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.

Hirose:Local staff proposed measures to prevent flies in farms. It is gaining popularity among our customers. We propose fly repellents to our customers to prevent he growth of cattle flies and musca domestica, which can cause stress to cows. Our sales staff conducts seminars to support our customers. The staff of both companies unite to create a unified support structure.

What benefits do you find in working together?

Hirose:The main target of Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd. is pig farmers. We could not increase in sales on the cattle market, because business to dairy and livestock farmers was minor. We were able to expand our business domain significantly by working with Meiji Feed Co., Ltd., who specialize in cow feed. Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd. can provide support related to veterinary drug and Meiji Feed Co., Ltd. can provide support related to feed and nutrition. Regardless of the issue, the Meiji Group can solve any customer problem immediately. Customers rely on us more.

Matsugasako:Meiji Feed Co., Ltd. can expand trade with corporate cow farmers, which was minor target previously. Mutually contributing to our respective sales is an advantage for Meiji Group. Our business depends on customer growth. It is satisfying to hear that customer production and operations are going well.

What are your future plans?

Matsugsako:We started this initiative from the Kyusyu area. Customers in other areas have the same problems as those in the Kyusyu area. We want to expand to all areas in Japan. Employees who experienced the synergy in Kyusyu are implementing similar initiatives at the locations of their new assignments.

Hirose:We can improve the taste of fresh dairy and the value of Meiji brand products by supporting the care of animals and solving customer problems. Our synergy is our unique strength which other companies cannot emulate. We want to expand to all areas of Japan.

Voices from our partner

The Meiji Group supports the health of our cows.

We manage a two-generation farm and breed seventy cows. The labor-intensive nature of dairy farming is a concern but our greatest desire is to raise healthy cows. Cow health management is important because the physical condition of the cows influences the quality and quantity of raw milk. Meiji Group representatives come to see the conditions of our cows and provide advice on feed production and cow comfort. As the temperature rises, flies are a problem because they cause stress to cows. Accurate advice on preventing flies and regarding sanitary control are useful for improving the dairy farming environment.We hope the Meiji Group will continue supporting cow growth and improvements to dairy farming environments. We challenge ourselves to the sustainable production of good quality raw milk.

Mr. Tetsuji Kikunaga (left)
Mr. Tetsuro Kikunaga(right)

Mr. Tetsushi Kikunaga(left)
Mr. Tetsuro Kikunaga(right)

History of Meiji medicinal mouthwash

History of Meiji medicinal mouthwash

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