Environmental Accounting

We calculated environmental preservation costs and economic effects for FYE March 2017 based on guidelines furnished by the Ministry of the Environment.
Environmental accounting figures are based on totals for Meiji Co., Ltd. and Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd. By calculating investments, costs and economic benefits for environmental preservation, the Meiji Group promotes more efficient activities.

Environmental Preservation Costs Millions of yen

  FYE 3/2016 FYE 3/2017
Details Capital expenditures Costs Capital expenditures Costs
Costs within business        
Pollution prevention costs
Air pollution control, Water pollution control, Soil pollution prevention, Stink prevention, Land subsidence prevention, etc.
321 2,849 137 2,784
Environmental preservation costs
Implementation of energy saving and greenhouse reduction measures, etc.
354 575 478 569
Resource circulation costs
Global warming prevention, energy saving, ozone depletion prevention, etc.
23 619 6 692
Upstream and downstream costs        
Environmentally sound procurement and purchase 0 2 0 40
Management activity costs        
Disclosure of environmental information and activities and oparation of environmental management system 1 146 0 131
Research and development costs        
Research and development for reducing environmental impact 0 0 0 0
Social contribution costs        
Nature conservation and tree-planting activities 0 13 0 12
Environmental damage costs        
Natural resource restoration 0 9 0 9
Total 698 4,213 621 4,237

Economic Effects of Environmental Preservation Measures (Millions of yen)

  FYE 3/2017
Energy saving 131
Waste reduction 28
Sale of valuables 78
Total 237

* Calculation parameters
Period: April 1, 2016 - March 31, 2017
Scope: Meiji's and Meiji Seika pharma's plants and research centers, respectively.
(1) Totals were calculated based on environmental accounting standards prepared in accordance with the Environmental Accounting Guidelines of the Ministry of the Environment.
(2) Costs include depreciation and amortization, personnel expenses, utility costs, repair costs, and other costs.
(3) Depreciation and amortization was calculated by identifying environmental equipment and facilities in the fixed asset ledger and using their statutory useful life.