In accordance with our Corporate Behavior Charter, we promote fair, transparent, and free competition. We conduct all transactions in compliance with the laws and regulations of the country in which business is done. We respect local cultures and customs and conform to our own in-company regulations. To further strengthen compliance, we work to improve training and increase compliance awareness throughout our organization.

Management System

Risk management and Compliance are closely interrelated. Accordingly, we have established a Compliance & Risk Management Committee within our Food segment. This committee, chaired by an officer appointed by the president, prepares and advances risk management action plans for our operating bases. For example, we conduct a compliance questionnaire annually, analyzing the results and identifying actions to take. Also, we conduct in-house activities to raise compliance awareness, including in-house training and a Compliance Improvement Month.
We have established a Compliance & Risk Management Committee, chaired by the president, in our Pharmaceutical segment. The Pharmaceutical segment has Compliance Program Guidelines set in place which provides rules for fair business practices, including prohibiting bribes to government officials and other inappropriate acts.


Contact Information for the Compliance Counseling Desk

The Meiji Group provides contact information for our compliance counseling desk to respond to whistling-blowing and provide consultation via various methods (including telephone, postal mail, e-mail, etc.). The Meiji Group outlines privacy protection in internal regulations to ensure that whistleblowers and people seeking consultation are not subjected to any unfair treatment.

Increase Compliance Awareness

Employees carry our Compliance Card, which includes the Corporate Behavior Charter and the contact details for our compliance counseling desk. The Meiji Group ensures strict adherence to the Corporate Behavior Charter. At the same time, the group cultivates and entrenches compliance awareness by enhancing in-house education and training and disseminating information through our intranet.

Compliance card carried by Meiji Group employees

An Ethical and Transparent Pharmaceuticals Company

Pharmaceuticals segment has established a Code of Practice for all officers and employees. As a pharmaceuticals company, Meiji Seika Pharma is committed to meeting society's expectations through the highest standards of ethics and transparency. The company promotes accountability through ongoing dialogue with associated researchers, healthcare practitioners, and patient groups. Pharmaceuticals segment has also established Guidelines on Transparency of Relationships between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions. Based on these guidelines, the company discloses details of the academic research grants it provides. These disclosures help illustrate the ways in which we contributes to progress in the life sciences, while adhering to the highest ethical standards.