Risk Management

Minimizing risk is important. As a corporate group operating in the food and health fields, it is our responsibility to ensure stable supply of pharmaceuticals, infant formulas, and enteral formulas, even in times of emergency.

Risk Management System

Meiji Group has risk management systems in place for our Food and Pharmaceutical segments. We conduct regular information sharing, identifying problems, and outlining resolutions.


Business Continuity Plans

We are in the process of further strengthening our business continuity plans. In the event of a major earthquake or other large-scale disaster, we aim to be able to restore operations as quickly as possible to continue supplying important foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. We carry out ongoing disaster awareness measures, and conduct regular drills for our employee safety confirmation systems. We are also implementing improvements throughout the value chain. These improvements include establishing robust operational and infrastructural systems, earthquake-proofing facilities, increasing the number of production sites, decentralizing supply sources, and establishing IT system backups.

Basic Policies for Business Continuity Plans

To ensure are provided with the products and services they need, even in times of disaster, the Meiji Group will establish business continuity plans for three main purposes:

  • 1. Ensure the lives and safety of persons and families involved in the group
  • 2. Ensure the group continues to meet its social responsibilities
  • 3. Minimize damage to our businesses that could arise from interrupted operations

Information Security

We have established a variety of information security policies and rules which aim to protect our intellectual property and strengthen the management of personal, confidential, and other sensitive information. We train employees thoroughly in information security, and we strive to remain abreast of advances in IT technology.
We are committed to providing stakeholders with all necessary information. Help desks and websites are available for customers at each of our businesses, and information is disclosed to shareholders and investors through investor relation activities and specialized websites.

Reducing Risk Associated with Social Networking Services

The Meiji Group has established various rules to reduce risk associated with social networking services. Moreover, we draw employee attention to such risks via an in-house portal site.

Privacy Protection

We appreciate the importance of customer privacy. We comply with relevant laws and standards for the protection of personal information, and we have established a Group Personal Information Protection Policy.


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property has grown increasingly important in recent years due to growing awareness of intellectual property issues in society and a variety of new government measures. We acquire intellectual property rights for the new products and technologies we research and develop. These rights make it possible for us to continue supplying customers with high added-value products.