The Meiji Group's Approach to CSR

Our target profile — a corporate group essential to and trusted by its stakeholders

The basis of "the Meiji Group' s Approach to CSR" is to fulfill corporate social responsibility (CSR) by putting the Group Philosophy into practice on a day-to-day basis in mainstay businesses and by remaining a corporate group society needs.

Each Meiji Group employee will advance activities based on the Corporate Behavior Charter to meet stakeholders' expectations and continue fulfilling social responsibilities.

Meiji Group's System of Principles

Our Customers

Our customers demand healthy and reliable products. We stay closely in tune with our customers' feelings, providing safe, high-quality products and services that contribute to our customers' qualities of life.


Tastiness, Enjoyment, Health, and Reassurance. As a responsible corporate citizen we believe in delivering value and enriching society. As part of our mission, we understand the value of communicating with society and respecting human rights.

Global Environment

We are fully aware that our business operations depend upon the bounty of nature. We strive to conserve resources, protect the environment, and contribute to a more sustainable society.

Shareholders and Investors

We engage in sound and transparent business management. We communicate with shareholders and investors, and disclose information in a timely and appropriate manner.


We respect the diversity and individuality of employees and strive to develop safe and comfortable workplace environments. We believe in a creative and vibrant corporate culture that values dynamic communication.

Business Partners

Mutual trust is essential to business. We emphasize fair, transparent, and free competition. Furthermore, we communicate openly with our business partners to ensure that procurement and transactions are friendly to the environment and society.