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Approach from medical care and sanitary practices

featured: prevention-of-infectious-diseases

For many years, the Meiji Group has tackled the prevention of infectious disease to promote medicine and healthy living. Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd. develops and distributes topical antiseptic agents. On the other hand, Meiji Co., Ltd. sells medicinal mouthwashes and vulnerary as OTC drugs. In 1961, the Meiji Group developed povidone iodine formulation for the first time in Japan.

Povidone iodine formulation achieves high antimicrobial activity and virucidal activity with low dermal irritation. The Meiji Group has developed a topical solution for cleaning surgical sites, a scrub for washing hands, and medicinal mouthwashes that are used in clinical practice. In a time when mouth-washing in the home was not common, the Meiji Group helped promote mouth-washing through communication with customers.

Since fiscal 2016, we have conducted seminars on hand and mouth-washing for primary school children as part of our food awareness campaign. We popularized the common practice of gargling for primary school children through our food awareness campaign.

Contribute to people’s health through the comprehensive prevention of infectious diseases

Junko Yashiro

Junko Yashiro
Infection, Immunology
& Oncology, Product
Management & Promotion Dept.
Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.

The main feature of our povidone iodine is high-quality. The Meiji Group uses proprietary, high purity ingredients. We produce a topical solution for sterilization in a tightly controlled environment. In 2016, we began offering high quality drugs at low prices as generic drugs produced under the same tightly controlled environment as brand-name drugs. Some 56 years have passed since the development of povidone iodine. We have clinical data and broad knowledge.

Our strength is our ability to offer accurate information as soon as it is required by medical institutions. Recently, we sent information to medical institutions about preventing infections acquired in hospitals. In fiscal 2016, we held 875 seminars.

The Meiji Group has developed povidone iodine through cooperation between our R&D, production, quality control, and sales. We conduct joint meetings joined by staff from some twenty departments.

We can create new product value by sharing information on status and approaches.
The Meiji Group strives to contribute to comfortable and healthy lives through the comprehensive prevention of infectious diseases.

Our educational activities related to mouth-washing support the healthy growth of children

Eiko Yoshida

Eiko Yoshida
Public Relations Dept.
Communication Div.
Meiji Co., Ltd.

The Meiji Group supports the healthy growth of children by educating on sanitary practices of hand and mouth-washing.We conduct seminars on hand and mouth-washing through our food and nutrition education activities across the country.It is important to learn for children hand and mouth-washing as part of developing self-dependence. Staff who teach hand and mouth-washing learn how to make primary school students interested in mouth-washing.

Staff asks students how far they think bacteria spreads when they sneeze and then measures the distance to which bacteria spreads. Students experience gargling for fifteen seconds.

Hearing from teachers after the seminar that students line up at the hand and mouth-washing station before lunch gives seminar staff a self of satisfaction. We distribute calendars and seals to promote gargling at home. To prevent infectious diseases, we hope that children will continue practice hand and mouth-washing at school and home, and live a healthy life.

Voice from teachers and schools

Appreciation of fun interactive classes

Sky School Support Network Center, a Specified Non-profit Corporation, offers schools fun interactive classes conducted by companies and volunteers to give children the fortitude to live.
We have conducted Fun Milk Classes at many schools since the Meiji Group began offering Fun Milk Classes six years ago.
Children practice and study fun hand and mouth-washing to prevent infectious diseases.
I appreciate very much that the Meiji Group offers important classes for children to promote a healthy school life.

Yoshio Morimoto

Yoshio Morimoto
Sky School Support Network Center,
Specified Non-profit Corporation

Voice from Medical Institute

Hope continual educational activity

I provide medical care at a hospital and teach infectious diseases at medical school.
In the past, I have experienced the influenza pandemic and the Great East Japan Earthquake in the Tohoku Region. Since cooperating with government to prevent infectious disease, I have been focused on research in preventing infectious diseases and regional cooperation.
We have established a framework of using topical antiseptics to prevent infections acquired in hospitals. Measures for social welfare facilities are not yet complete.Regional cooperation and teaching strategies for the prevention of infection to children are important. I hope that the Meiji Group will continue its unique educational activities.

Hiroyuki Kunishima M.D., Ph.D. Professor

Hiroyuki Kunishima M.D., Ph.D. Professor
Department of Infectious Disease
St. Marianna University School of Medicine

Hope continual educational activity

History of Meiji medicinal mouthwash

Meiji Group obtained authorization to expand povidone iodine formulation in 1961.
Moreover, we developed an OTC drug and launched gargle medicinal mouthwash in 1983.

History of Meiji medicinal mouthwash

History of Meiji medicinal mouthwash

History of Meiji medicinal mouthwash

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