With Employees

The Meiji Group respects the diversity and individuality of employees and develops safe and comfortable workplace environments. We believe dynamic communication is essential, and strive for creative and vibrant workplaces.

Approach to Human Resources

Our approach to human resources is to foster personnel who set ambitious goals and are capable of innovating. We believe personnel should be able to draw on personal expertise and the Group's strengths to achieve these goals. Through the Group's HR system we focus on the individual growth of each employee, as we believe this increases their ability to provide customers with innovative value. In turn, this supports sustained Group development and raises our overall business capabilities.

Basic Human Resources Information
      FYE 3/2015 FYE 3/2016 FYE 3/2017
Number of employees employees Men 6,742 6,702 6,657
Women 1,852 1,844 1,860
Total 8,594 8,546 8,517
Fixed-term contract employees* Men 3,961 3,957 3,943
Women 1,449 1,474 1,487
Total 2,512 2,483 2,456
Average years of service employees Men 16.1 17.0 17.1
Women 13.0 13.1 13.1
Total 15.1 16.1 16.1
Average age employees Men 39.1 40.0 40.1
Women 35.1 36.0 36.0
Total 38.1 39.0 39.1
New Employee Hireing employees Men 119 114 141
Women 78 82 103
Total 197 196 244

* Fixed-term contract employees: Employees working on a fixed-term contract.

      Joined 2012 Joined 2013 Joined 2014
Turnover Rate
(less than 3 years for new graduates)
employees Men 7.7 6.5 8.8
Women 8.9 6.3 10.5
Total 8.2 6.4 9.5
Employees Worldwide
  India China Indonesia Thailand Singapore United States Spain
FYE 3/2015 1,549 914 725 359 270 583 331
FYE 3/2016 1,572 995 671 381 265 564 353
FYE 3/2017 1,579 1,118 792 404 278 588 354

* The figures in the India column are the number of Medreich employees.
* As of March 31, 2017

Evaluation and Development of Personnel

Our basic approach to personnel evaluation focuses on employees' contributions to the development of the Group as a whole. We manage organizations and human resources based on employees' abilities and duties. We encourage employees to take on more challenging duties so that they can grow and achieve more in their work.

Giving employees opportunities to think about the ways in which they work encourages them to adjust their behavior and strengthen their professional capabilities. Rather than evaluate individual achievements, we view achievements as steps in a larger process. This approach allows employees to identify areas for improvement, and to grow and take on more challenging tasks in the future.

Our evaluation system is designed as a holistic tool that not only evaluates personnel but also encourages professional growth.

Approach to Human Resources Development

We have established a variety of training programs to grow and develop personnel. These include basic training in skills necessary for the implementation of duties as well as additional business skills training. We also provide opportunities for motivated personnel to engage in further independent training. General employees in certain regions can also undertake an exam, held once per year, that qualifies them for promotion to a career path positions. This gives employees the opportunity to set off in new directions.

Under our self-assessment system, employees discuss their assignments with their managers once per year. They discuss the volume and quality of work, their own aptitude, and future career paths. This approach encourages employees to think independently about their work and desired careers. In turn, it provides the company with a more personalized understanding of each employee, which can then be used when making transfers and conducting training.

Human Resources Development

Basic policy on skill development

The Meiji Group outlines basic policy concerning skills development and creates a skills development structure to help foster human resources.

  • 1. Foster the development of personnel with creativity and expertise and who possess the challenging spirit required to win against the world’s top companies.
  • 2. Foster independent personnel capable of tying individual growth into company growth and contribute to improving the overall level of the organization.
  • 3. Foster the development of personnel with a deep understanding of our Group Philosophy and who are capable of implementing the meiji way at a high level.
Education and Training System (training organized by the HR department only)
Rank-based training Manager training, training for promoted employees, training for new employees
Skills training Global training, Divercity training
Leader development training Management training, Next-genelation leader training
Life plan training Training for employees at the age of 50, 59
Division-specific training Technological training, Business training, Safe training, Quality training etc.

* Training organized by the HR Department
* Training conducted at the Group's two training centers

Voluntary training programs (number of employees using programs)
  FYE 3/2016 2014-2016 cumulative total

Meiji Open College (application required)

  • Develops personnel that use creativity and expertise to compete against world-leading companies
  • 10 seminars held per year (each group training session lasts 2-3 days)
339 812

Meiji Correspondence Education Seminars (application required)

  • Teaches a wide range of useful knowledge, skills, and critical thinking
  • 200 seminars on languages, finance and accounting, and other subjects
685 1,643