Diversity Promotion

Promotion of Diversity

Basic Approach

The Meiji Group respects the diversity of employees and maximizes their capabilities to enhance corporate vitality.

The Meiji Group respects the diversity, character and personality of employees, and maximizes their capabilities.This enables us to build a creative, energetic organization and increase corporate vitality.

Main initiatives

Supporting Active Participation of Female Employees

We will expand and improve systems that help employees balance work and family life.
We are aiming to improve our corporate competitiveness by promoting participation by many women in various positions. We will steadily increase the number of women in managerial positions by employing women proactively, improving training systems, practicing job rotation, and utilizing information-sharing sites.

Driving globalization

We hold seminars at local subsidiaries during which we explain the Meiji Group Philosophy to foster a sense of unity among overseas Group companies spread throughout the world. We also distribution information in Japan and overseas via our internal journals for overseas employees.
We also provide employees of overseas Group companies with opportunities to tour plants and research centers in Japan and conduct training exchanges with employees in Japan.

Employee's Voice

I would like to deliver Meiji’s ability to research to the world

After graduating from college in America and participating on a project by the (former) Ministry of International Trade and Industry, I then joined Meiji. Today, I am involved in various work, including research and information management, patent support, external negotiations, collaborative research, and agreements, as well as work with the International Dairy Federation, the Global Dairy Platform, and other international associations.
I believe Meiji’s research capabilities and technology development capabilities lead to results. In order for us to become a global top class company, I want to promote our research and technology development strengths overseas.
I will apply the strength in knowing Japanese culture and my ability to communicate with overseas parties. I will contribute to deliver Meiji’s ability to research and technology to support our research.

Richard Walton, Ph.D.

Richard Walton, Ph.D.
Research Planning Department
R&D Division
Meiji Co., Ltd.

Employment of Persons with Disabilities

The Meiji Group complies with statutory employment quotas for persons with disabilities. We also aim to create workplace environments where employees can thrive regardless of any disabilities.
Our Tokai Plant, in particular, is a conducive workplace that specializes in employing persons with disabilities.

Percentages for Employees with Disabilities
  FYE 3/2015 FYE 3/2016 FYE 3/2017
Percentage of employees with disabilities (%) 2.13 2.10 2.10

Reemployment of Retired Personnel

We allow personnel to continue working beyond the legal retirement age of 60. These personnel can provide experienced guidance and set a valuable example for younger employees.

Reemployment of Retired Personnel
  FYE 3/2015 FYE 3/2016 FYE 3/2017
Number seeking reemployment 54 72 128
Percentage of applicants reemployed (%) 100 100 100

Support System for Employees Nearing Retirement

We conduct seminars to give employees an opportunity to consider their post-retirement options. The seminars cover such topics as pensions, the social insurance system, finding fulfillment in life, health, and financial management.