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Masaya Kawata

Photo of Masaya Kawata

Independent Outside Member of the Board
Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.

Date of birth: April 20, 1952
Appointment as an outside director of Meiji Holdings: June 2021
Number of Meiji Holdings' shares held: 317 (as of May 31, 2022)

Masaya Kawata joined Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.'s Board of Directors as an outside director in 2021. He brings a wealth of experience as a leader of the Nisshinbo Group, a major manufacturing conglomerate engaged in businesses ranging from wireless communications and automotive brakes to mechatronics, chemicals, and textiles. He is also a member of the company's Nomination Committee and Compensation Committee.

Masaya's career began in 1975 when he joined Nisshin Spinning Co., Ltd. (currently Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.), a long-established textile manufacturer. In the following years, Masaya gained valuable management experience as the company expanded into other industries and countries, and was appointed as an executive officer in 2006 and director in 2007. Based on his leadership skills, Masaya was put in charge of the group's main operating companies, first as president of Nisshinbo Brake Inc. in 2009, and then as president of Nisshinbo Chemical Inc. in 2011, and president of Nisshinbo Mechatronics Inc. in 2012. He was appointed to lead the entire group as president of Nisshinbo Holdings in 2013. He was assumed Representative Director and Chairman in 2019, then his current position of Director and Chairman in 2022.

Recognizing Masaya's extensive experience as a leader of an international group involved in numerous industries, Meiji Holdings invited him to serve on its board as an outside director. In this role, Masaya is expected to offer expert advice and greatly contribute to enhancing corporate governance.