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Meiji Oishii Gyunyu

Thanks to our Natural Taste Process, Meiji Oishii Gyunyu milk is refreshing, delicious, and packed with nutrients. Our strict quality control and innovations in manufacturing preserve the pure flavor and unmistakable freshness of raw milk. Oishii Gyunyu literally means "delicious milk". And most families agree, with Oishii Gyunyu quickly becoming a popular milk in Japan following its launch in 2002.

Photo of Meiji Oishii Gyunyu in Japan

The Key to a Perfect Glass of Milk

How do we make our milk so delicious and fresh? We source from the best farms to ensure pure, raw milk contains no added ingredients. Then, we start our patented Natural Taste Process, Meiji's innovative food processing technology that removes oxygen through heat sterilization. The result is a natural, refreshing taste profile with a clean aftertaste only found in the original flavor of milk.


Photo of pouring milk into a glass


Product information follows Japanese food labeling standards.

Product information follows Japanese food labeling standards.

Meiji Oishii Gyunyu 900ml
Contents: 900ml
Solids Non Fat: 8.3% or more
Milk Fat: 3.5% or more
Ingredients: 100% raw milk
Sterilization 130℃ for 2 seconds
Storage: 10℃ or lower
Nutrition Information
Per 1 glass (200ml)
Energy 137kcal
Total carbohydrate9.9g
Sodium chloride0.22g