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Medical needs are always diversifying – here's how Meiji is responding.

Group Slogan

meiji Now ideas for wellness

From babies to the elderly, at every step, the Meiji group has been right there, giving people a reason to smile. ​

Now we're gearing up to create even more smiles, with something everyone can feel good about—a focus on wellness. After all, people who feel well, with healthy hearts and bodies, have a lot to smile about. And smiling spreads like a wave of positive energy, as people envision a brighter future on a healthy planet. We think you'll see that sharing healthy ideas is something we can all do quite naturally. ​

Starting today, the Meiji Group will be sharing even more good ideas about wellness—ideas that are likely to spread to everyone who wants to feel better.​

Meiji unique value for wellness

Through our broad product lineup, we will link individual wellness to the happiness of the world. We will provide "Meiji unique value for wellness" by continually moving through the cycle of CURE, CARE and SHARE.

figure of the cycle of CURE, CARE and SHARE


Let everyone—from babies to the elderly, whatever their condition—switch to a healthier, more positive way of life.
Let the happiness brought about through good health radiate outward and contribute to a brighter future in which society and the planet are healthy.

figure of the world we want to create through Cure, Care and Share

Our Vision of the Future

You've read about Meiji unique value for wellness and the world we want to create. What will that future world look like? Watch this video to find out.