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At a Glance

At a Glance

Get to know Meiji at a glance – from our core business to our most important numbers.


Our Nutrition Initiatives

Our Nutrition Initiatives

Our goal is to improve the lives of people of all ages around the world through nutrition, from infants to older adults, and we are dedicated to achieving this goal.



Medical needs are always diversifying – here's how Meiji is responding.


Society-Oriented Goals

Meiji Group 2026 Medium-Term Management Plan

Materiality: Marketing with high ethical standards
Data target range or company leading initiatives: Meiji Group Consolidated
Major initiatives Metrics Reference results Targets
FYE March 2023 FYE March 2027
Establish a responsible marketing communications policy and conduct employee education Target year for policy establishment N/D During FYE March 2025
Number of education sessions conducted to disseminate policy details N/D Once per year or more

Meiji Group 2023 Medium-Term Management Plan

[ ] Scope of KPI
Meiji G: the Meiji Group (consolidated)
Meiji HD: Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.
KPI Results Targets
FYE 3/2022 FYE 3/2023 FYE 3/2024 FYE 3/2024
Hold an ESG session for investors, and advisory board meetings at least three times annually
[Meiji HD]
ESG Session for Investors: One time
ESG Advisory Board: Two times
ESG Session for Investors: One time
ESG Advisory Board: Two times
ESG Session for Investors: One time
ESG Advisory Board: Two times
Three times annually
All Meiji Group employees in Japan to participate in social contribution activities at least twice annually (at least once each 6-month period)
[Meiji G, Japan consolidated]
Participation rate at least once each 6-month period
First half year term: 90%/Second half year term: 92%
Participation rate at least once each 6-month period
First half year term: 92%/Second half year term: 92%
Participation rate at least once each 6-month period
First half year term: 93%/Second half year term: TBC
Twice annually (at least each 6-month period)

Stakeholder Engagement

Promote Stakeholder Engagement

We take every opportunity and use every means to engage in communications with important Meiji Group stakeholders (our customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and investors, global environment, and society). In this way, we answer the expectations of our stakeholders and fulfill our social responsibilities.

Employee Engagement

To achieve the Meiji Group 2026 Vision and be a company that can grow sustainably, we believe improving employee engagement is essential. Therefore, we regularly conduct the “Employee Opinion Survey.”

Communicate with Shareholders and Investors

We hold briefing meetings, IR events, and publish an informative IR website to keep our shareholders and investors up to date on the direction and strategies of the Meiji Group.
Since FY2019 we have held a ESG meeting for investors on an annual basis.

Dialogues with External Experts

We hold dialogues with outside experts, reflecting their opinions and recommendations in our vision, upcoming fiscal year plans, and business tactics.
As of FY2021, we have established a new ESG Advisory Board that meets twice a year, an evolution of our dialogue with external experts that had previously been held once a year. At meetings of this organization, we will receive advice from external experts on the Meiji Group's initiatives and facilitate an exchange of opinions with the CEO, CSO, and other internal Meiji team members to further strengthen our sustainability activities.

Establishment of the ESG Advisory Board

Environmental Communication

Each plant and research laboratory conducts reporting seminars and study groups to highlight our environmental initiatives for local citizens, local governments, elementary schools, and middle schools. In addition to covering our initiatives for water and air pollution and CO2 reduction, we also listen to feedback to incorporate into future activities.

Providing Factory Tours for Stakeholders

Participants in Factory Tours
(Unit: 10,000 participants)
FYE 3/2019 FYE 3/2020 FYE 3/2021 FYE 3/2022 FYE 3/2023
Japan 21.2 21.3 3.8 6.3 11.3
Overseas 1.1 1.4 0.04 0.06 0.02
Factory Tours in Japan

Meiji provides tours of seven of its production plants in Japan, allowing visitors to see up close how the company produces delicious and healthy food products based on strict quality control standards.

Photo: Tokachi exhibition gallery
Factory Tours in China

In China, we offer factory tours at three factories: Meiji Ice Cream (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., Meiji Dairies (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and Meiji Seika Food Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Photo: factory tours
Plant Tours and educational visits for KM Biologics

KM Biologics offers tours of its influenza vaccine manufacturing plant for students. We also host educational visits where students can study basic knowledge of immunization and the importance of preventive measures against infectious diseases. We will contribute to improve knowledge and awareness of infectious diseases through plant tours and educational visits classes.

Photo: Educational visits for KM Biologics

Communicate with Our Customers

Food Segment

Our Customer Service Center strives to ensure customer trust and satisfaction through prompt, honest, fair, and appropriate service. The center receives a wide range of inquiries regarding products and services. We use this customer feedback to develop new, and improve existing, products and services.

Customer Service Center

Our Customer Service Center uses a proprietary system to record and analyze customer feedback. The center strives to respond politely and provide useful information to allow customers ease of mind in using our products. The center also shares information with related departments to develop and improve products and services for greater customer satisfaction.

Inquiries to the Customer Service Center by Subject (FYE 3/2023)
Content of Inquiries Number of Inquiries Composition Ratio
Product features 27,762 33%
Stores that handle products 20,550 25%
How to eat and store 17,773 21%
Food labeling and package design 5,692 7%
Sales promotion/campaign 4,429 5%
Foreign matter mixed in the product 4,326 5%
Others 3,509 4%
Total 84,041 100%
Investigation of customer satisfaction

Meiji’s Customer Service Center carries out customer satisfaction surveys with the aim of improving the quality of customer support.
- FYE 3/2023 Target: 95 points (out of 100)

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
FYE 3/2019 FYE 3/2020 FYE 3/2021 FYE 3/2022 FYE 3/2023
Customer satisfaction points 90.8 91.3 92.2 91.0 92.2
Example of improvement in response to customer feedback
    Reflecting Customer Feedback to Improve Products
    <Products> Frozen Food, Meiji Pizza & Pizza (2PC)
    <Customer Feedback> Exterior back label (how to consume) is confusing.
  1. Label on the back says remove the frozen “pizza” from the interior bag. However, the interior bag is clear; I almost put it in my microwave.
  2. Caution! label text is all in red, making it difficult to read. Hard to see which point is the real point of caution.
    <After Improvement>
  1. Modified explanation. Changed “interior bag” to “interior clear bag.” Changed pull-out text next to the picture of the microwave to say, “remove from clear bag; do not wrap in plastic” (vs. “do not wrap in plastic” before change).
  2. Caution! label now in black text, using red text for important points only.

<Exterior back (top)>

Photo: Exterior back
Counseling Office for New Mothers

At Meiji’s counseling office for mothers with infants, nutritionist and national registered dieticians provide consultation on nutrition and childcare for babies and mothers. Making use of an abundance of information and experience, the counseling office gives valuable advice to new mothers, family members, and other persons engaged in childcare.

Breakdown of Inquiries to the Counseling Office for New Mothers by Subject (FYE 3/2023)
Content of Inquiries Number of Inquiries Composition Ratio
Breast-feeding 2,782 46%
Baby food 2,262 37%
Menstruation and health 518 9%
Growth and development 210 4%
Lifestyle and habits 127 2%
Mother and pregnant woman 84 1%
Others 60 1%
Total 6,043 100%

Pharmaceuticals Segment

Medicine Support Center

Meiji Seika Pharma’s Medicine Support Center uses a database to sort and analyze customer feedback. It takes customer feedback extremely seriously, and makes sure to share feedback with relevant departments to ensure better products.

Breakdown of Prescription Pharmaceutical Inquiries by Subject (FYE 3/2023)
Meiji Seika Pharma
Number of Inquiries Composition Ratio
Peripheral product information (packaging, expiration dates, insurance, etc.) 6,244 25%
Efficacy (efficacy, dosage and administration, pharmacology) 5,417 21%
Document requests 4,994 20%
Quality (quality, additives, stability, formulation changes) 4,912 19%
Safety (side effects, etc.) 3,398 13%
Requests 281 1%
Total 25,246 100%
KM Biologics
Content of Inquiries Number of Inquiries Composition Ratio
Document requests 522 47%
Peripheral product information (packaging, expiration dates, insurance, etc.) 277 25%
Efficacy (efficacy, dosage and administration, pharmacology) 198 18%
Quality (quality, additives, stability, formulation changes) 67 6%
Safety (side effects, etc.) 45 4%
Requests 6 1%
Total 1,115 100%
Measures to improve quality of customer support

With the aim of further improving customer satisfaction, Meiji Seika Pharma has undertaken an external evaluation of over-the-phone customer support at its Medicine Support Center.

We are aiming to promote appropriate usage of our pharmaceutical products by offering prompt and accurate information at all times. Through this we hope to contribute to even better medical care.
- Medicine Support Center quality target: 70 points

Medicine Support Center Evaluation Results
FYE 3/2019 FYE 3/2020 FYE 3/2021 FYE 3/2022 FYE 3/2023
External evaluation score (out of 100 points) 75.1 76.8 76.0 75.3 74.6
Example of improvement in Example of improvement in response to customer feedback (Meiji Seika Pharma)

Foreign Language Versions for the “Check MR-COV19 SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Kit” User Guide
Based on customer feedback, we prepared additional foreign language versions (English and Chinese) for the Check MR-COV19 SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Kit User Guide, These guides are currently available on our website along with the Japanese version.

Photo: Example of improvement in Example of improvement in response to customer feedback
Example of improvement in response to customer feedback (KM Biologics)

Introducing a web form to search product expiration date by entering product name and lot number

KM Biologics received a number of inquiries from medical institutions and municipalities about the expiration dates (last effective date) of certain products in use.

178 Inquiries Regarding Distribution Status and Expiration Dates

We installed a form on our webpage for medical professionals that allow users to search for expiration dates by entering product name or lot number (serial number).

Initiatives for appropriate information disclosure

The Meiji Group complies with laws and corporate ethics in advertising and promotion activities, providing information based on fairly stated content and phrasing to prevent falsehoods or exaggerations. We conduct activities report based on our Pledge to be a customer-oriented company.

Promote Social Contribution

Social Contribution Activities policy

In January 2021 the Meiji Group created the Meiji Group Social Contribution Activities Policy.
Our employees are helping to address various local issues, all the while contributing to sustainable development. It is our goal for each and every one of our employees to share a sense of participation in planning for society’s future.

Social Contribution Activities

The following is a breakdown of our social contribution activities and cost expenditures for FYE March 2023.

Social Contribution Activities*
Type of Social Contribution Activity Amount (Millions of Yen) Share of Expenditure (%)
Charitable Donation 271 9
Community Investments 1,359 46
Commercial Initiatives (incl. Sponsorship Support) 1,301 44
Total 2,931 100

* Scope of aggregation: Meiji Holdings, Meiji, Meiji Seika Pharma and KM Biologics

Breakdown of Social Contribution Expenditures*
Contribution Method Amount (Millions of Yen)
Cash Contributions 462
Personnel Expenses (Volunteer-Related Expenses) 1,901
In-kind giving (products or services), Project Sponsorship 206
Management overhead 362
Total 2,931

* Scope of aggregation: Meiji Holdings, Meiji, Meiji Seika Pharma and KM Biologics

Activities by Topic

Meiji Group is actively engaging in social contribution activities, based on our Social Contribution Activities Policy's three core concepts of "activities to nurture people", "activities to assist society", and "activities to continue the world to the future".
"Activities to nurture people": We pursue activities in nutrition, food culture and sports to support the healthy growth and intellectual development of the children and youth who will be leaders of the future.
"Activities to support society": We pursue activities needed to support the healthy and stable lives of people in local communities involved in our business activities.
"Activities to continue the world to the future": We engage in activities to preserve the natural environment, conserve biodiversity, and encourage recycling of resources, looking ahead to the sustainable development and future of earth. We also engage in activities that support research and development tied to the creation of new health value.

Activities to Nurture People

Nutrition education activities

Our food education seminars at elementary and junior high schools began in 2005. These make use of both in-person guest teaching at schools, as well as online-lessons.

Photo: education activity

Activities to Support Society

The Meiji Happiness Fund

Established in March 2020, the Meiji Happiness Fund aims to raise awareness of sustainability, and instill a feeling of individual connection to social issues. The fund raises money twice annually through the generous, entirely voluntary participation of Meiji Group employees. In September 2023, about 3,300 people from all across the Meiji Group took part. With funds raised, we donated approximately 93,000 Meiji food products to "Kodomo-Takushoku-Ouendan" (a food delivery program for children and families in Japan) in November 2023. Through this program, we will provide support to families across Japan facing lifestyle difficulties.

Photo: Meiji Happiness Fund
Cooperation with the All-Japan Food Bank Promotion Council

With rising prices and utility costs, more families than ever are facing economic hardship. In response, the Meiji Group, working in cooperation with the National Food Bank Promotion Council, donates snacks and food items on Children's Day, during summer vacation, on Christmas, and on other occasions in the hope of bringing smiles to as many children and their families as possible. The donation in April 2024 marked our fourteenth donation, bringing the total number of donated confectionery and food products to 830,000.

Specialized formula business

We manufacture and supply a total of 20 types of specialized formula for babies born with congenital metabolism disorders that prevent them from drinking their mother’s milk, or regular commercial powdered milk. These include registered special milk, which is officially registered with the Japan Cooperative Project on Special Formula and subsidized by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, as well as other special formulas (non-registered, yet subsidized) designed for treatment of non-congenital metabolic disorders. We focus at all times on safe production and distribution.

Rare diseases drug for Dravet’s syndrome treatment, DIACOMIT®

Dravet’s syndrome is an intractable form of epilepsy occurring in infancy. The disease develops in one infant in every 40,000. The syndrome is a severe disease that has a major impact on patients and their families because it causes seizures, delays physical and mental development, and has a high mortality rate.
As there was no effective drug for Dravet’s syndrome treatment available, We launched DIACOMIT® Dry Syrup (oral suspension) and DIACOMIT® Capsule in 2012. We make efforts to provide accurate and timely information on the effectiveness and safety of this drug to healthcare professionals for the correct dosage to patients.

Wellness Stories: Hope for Patients with Dravet Syndrome

Contribution to the United Nations Population Fund

We established a partnership with the United Nations Population Fund Kenya office in November 2020. We are making financial contribution to a project to support economic self-reliance for 200 women and girls in Kibera, Africa's largest slum in Nairobi, since January 2021.

<Project Achievements>

  • Trained approximately 150 women in soap making and business skills.
  • Opened a store in Kiberaslam under the brand name "Feming'araisha".
  • 20 women learned to create new products and acquire accounting knowledge, and monthly sales doubled due to store expansion and enhanced marketing. In addition, 12 of the women started new individual businesses in addition to their soap business.
Photo: Donations to UN populations fund
Photo: Donations to UN populations fund
Sponsorship of Paralym Art

ParalymArt is an activity conducted by Shougaisha Jiritsu Suishin Kikou Association to provide artworks by persons with disabilities to companies and individuals, and to pay compensation to the artists. Its main objective is to support people with disabilities who are unable to participate in society and are suffering financially through art. The organization promotes social participation and economic independence for people with disabilities without relying on social security funds. Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. has been a sponsor of this activity since 2021.
In FYE 3/2023, we sponsored the "Paralym Art World Cup 2022" and selected DAIKI's art work as the "Meiji Award" from among 498 entries from 25 countries and regions around the world. We also used it as the cover image of our integrated report.

"To the children of the future" by DAIKI

DAIKI's work To the children of the future

Paralym Artwork

Activities to Continue the World to the Future

Paper Drink Carton Recycling Campaign

Our employees take part in the Paper Drink Carton Recycling Campaign twice annually. Through this campaign we are aiming to foster greater environmental awareness among our employees.

Photo: Paper drink carton recycling Campaign
Biodiversity Conservation Activities

We are working together with various local governments and NPOs to conserve biodiversity, both in Japan and overseas. Our areas of activity include Meiji Group production sites, as well as the Meiji Group-owned “Meiji Group Nature Conservation Area Kumamoto Sunlight Forest.”

Photo: Silver orchid