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At a Glance

At a Glance

Get to know Meiji at a glance – from our core business to our most important numbers.


Our Nutrition Initiatives

Our Nutrition Initiatives

Our goal is to improve the lives of people of all ages around the world through nutrition, from infants to older adults, and we are dedicated to achieving this goal.



Medical needs are always diversifying – here's how Meiji is responding.


Dividend Policy

The Meiji Group is mainly involved in food, health, and pharmaceuticals, we are a familiar brand that strives for lifelong engagement with our customers. This means that ensuring a long-term, stable financial platform is critical to our success.

In our 2023 Medium-Term Business Plan, we promoted business management focused on ROIC. We enhanced and improved our business structure towards increasing capital productivity. We have worked to build a firm financial platform through the disciplined allocation of management resources.

We increased our dividend payout ratio to around 40% by the end of FYE 3/2024 based on our capital policy. We also repurchased our own shares as necessary based on a careful analysis of numerous factors, including our optimal capital structure and capital surplus.

In our 2026 Medium-Term Business Plan covering the period from FYE 3/2025 to FYE 3/2027, we recognize appropriate profit returns to our shareholders as an important management issue. We aim to achieve a total return ratio of at least 50% in each fiscal year, and to continuously increase dividends per share.

Furthermore, in the event of significant fluctuations in profit attributable to owners of parent due to extraordinary factors, dividend amounts may be determined after the elimination of those factors.

Record Date for Dividends

Year-end dividend: March 31
Interim dividend: September 30

Dividends per share*
FYE 3/2010
(the first term)
- ¥20.00 ¥20.00
FYE 3/2011
(the second term)
¥10.00 ¥10.00 ¥20.00
FYE 3/2012
(the third term)
¥10.00 ¥10.00 ¥20.00
FYE 3/2013
(the fourth term)
¥10.00 ¥10.00 ¥20.00
FYE 3/2014
(the fifth term)
¥10.00 ¥10.00 ¥20.00
FYE 3/2015
(the sixth term)
¥10.00 ¥15.00 ¥25.00
FYE 3/2016
(the seventh term)
¥13.75 ¥31.25 ¥45.00
FYE 3/2017
(the eighth term)
¥22.50 ¥32.50 ¥55.00
FYE 3/2018
(the ninth term)
¥28.75 ¥36.25 ¥65.00
FYE 3/2019
(the tenth term)
¥32.50 ¥37.50 ¥70.00
FYE 3/2020
(the eleventh term)
¥35.00 ¥40.00 ¥75.00
FYE 3/2021
(the tweleveth term)
¥37.50 ¥42.50 ¥80.00
FYE 3/2022
(the thirteenth term)
¥40.00 ¥45.00 ¥85.00
(the fourteenth term)
¥42.50 ¥47.50 ¥90.00
FYE 3/2024
(the fifteenth term)
¥47.50 ¥47.50 ¥95.00
FYE 3/2025
(the sixteenth term)

*The above dividends have been retroactively adjusted to take into account the following stock splits.

  1. Two-for-one stock split on October 1, 2015
  2. Two-for-one stock split on April 1, 2023