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About Meiji

At a Glance

At a Glance

Get to know Meiji at a glance – from our core business to our most important numbers.


Our Nutrition Initiatives

Our Nutrition Initiatives

Our goal is to improve the lives of people of all ages around the world through nutrition, from infants to older adults, and we are dedicated to achieving this goal.



Medical needs are always diversifying – here's how Meiji is responding.


The Meiji Group was founded with the aim of bettering the lives of people and communities through good nutrition. For more than a century, Meiji products have enriched people's daily lives while benefiting their health. Discover more about the Meiji Group's history below.

Founding aspiration of the Meiji Group

Meiji was founded in 1916 as a confectionery company with its origins in sugar refining. It then added a dairy business and began releasing successful products with the goal of making people healthier and happier. Group founder Hanji Soma aspired to "contribute to our nation's people through nutrition." For over 100 years, that aspiration has continued to guide the Meiji Group.

Photo of group founder Hanji Soma
Hanji Souma
High Quality,
Great Tastes

Meiji soon became known for great-tasting confectionery and dairy products that met the highest standards for safety and nutritional value, a reputation that continues to this day.


photo of a chocolate and dairy products at the time of Meiji's establishment
Growing Focus
on Health

Health foods became increasingly important to the Meiji Group, which also entered the pharmaceutical business when it began manufacturing penicillin and other antibiotics in the 1940s.


photo of three old products
Global Expansion Begins

Meiji began exporting its antibiotics in 1950. Since then, the Meiji Group has expanded its supply of food products and pharmaceuticals to many other countries worldwide.


photo of three products sold around the world
Creating New Health Value

In recent years, the Meiji Group has been tackling global health issues by combining its unique expertise in food and pharmaceuticals.


photo of three health-conscious products