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Corporate Bonds & Ratings

Corporate Bonds (As of September 30, 2023)

Name of
Name of Bond Date of
Amount of Issue (millions of yen) Interest Rate
(% per annum)
Date of Redemption
Meiji Holdings
Co., Ltd.
7th Series of Unsecured Straight Bonds September
13, 2017
10,000 0.22 September
13, 2024
Meiji Holdings
Co., Ltd.
9th Series of Unsecured Straight Bonds November
25, 2020
10,000 0.001 November
27, 2023
Meiji Holdings
Co., Ltd.
10th Series of Unsecured Straight Bonds (Sustainability Bonds) April
23, 2021
10,000 0.050 April
23, 2026

See Sustainable Finance for the details.

Ratings (As of August 23, 2023)

Rating Agency Long-term Issuer Rating Short-term Issuer Rating
Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. AA- J-1+

See Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. (JCR)'s website   for the rating definitions.

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