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At a Glance

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Our Nutrition Initiatives

Our Nutrition Initiatives

Our goal is to improve the lives of people of all ages around the world through nutrition, from infants to older adults, and we are dedicated to achieving this goal.



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Ice Cream

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Meiji started selling ice cream back in 1924. Since then, we've been offering ice cream with a balance of smooth textures and irresistible flavors for a wide range of customers. Our extensive lineup centers around the classic ice cream cup, Meiji Essel Super Cup—one of our best-selling products since its release in 1994. We also offer other products like the Meiji Essel Super Cup Sweet's, which expands the range of our frozen treats by adding a touch of decadent sweetness.

In China's growing ice cream market, Meiji has leveraged the technology and expertise developed in Japan to research local tastes and provide high-quality products. Both the Condensed Milk & Red Bean Frozen Confection and the Almond & Chocolate Frozen Confection lines win high praise from our customers in China.

Finding Success in China's Growing Ice Cream Market

At Meiji, we're always finding new ways to make our food delicious for everyone. So before we started selling ice cream in China in 1994, we asked locals about their favorite flavors. The results inspired us to create the Condensed Milk & Red Bean Frozen Confection and Almond & Chocolate Frozen Confection. Our dedication to discovering the best flavors for local tastes and preferences continues to this day, and, in 2012, we established Meiji Snow Cake Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou. We mainly operate in southern China, but a new production base is opening in 2023, and customers can expect expanded sales throughout all of China soon.

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Product information follows Japanese food labeling standards.

Product information follows Japanese food labeling standards.

Essel Super Cup
Super Vanilla 200 ml
Contents: 200 ml
Solids Non Fat: 8.5%
Vegetable Fat: 13.0%
Milk Fat: 0.5%
Ingredients: Dairy products, Vegetable oil, Suger, Starch syrup, Yolk, Glucose fructose syrup, Salt/Flavor, Annato extract (Contains Egg and Milk)
Storage: minus 18℃ or lower
Nutrition Information
per cup (200ml)
Energy 374kcal
Total carbohydrate35.3g
Sodium chloride0.2g