Business Plans

We established the “Meiji Group 2026 Vision.” This vision is our promise and commitment on what will strive for by 2026.

Our promise and commitment for the 2026 Vision

We will combine the strengths, the Meiji Group has cultivated over the past 100 years, with the latest technology and new findings. Thus we create innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs with food and health and grow in Japan and around the world sustainably.

Three Visions

To realize the 2026 Vision, we created three visions: Business Vision, Management Vision and Sustainability Vision.

Business Vision

Food Segment

In Japan, we will focus to our core businesses, yogurt, functional yogurt, chocolate and nutrition, and strengthen our business portfolio accordingly. Overseas, we will launch distinctive Meiji products in each region to solidify a unique market position. We will capture brand recognition and accelerate growth.

Op. income CAGR6%range
FY3/27 Overseas sales ratio>10%

Pharmaceutical Segment

We will expand sales of infectious disease products, generics drugs, and bio pharmaceuticals in Japan and overseas. In particular, we will enhance our production capacity, R&D, and promotion activities to establish ourselves as the leading company in Asia in the infectious disease domain.

Op. income CAGR 9%range
FY3/27 Overseas sales ratio >30%


We will establish a unique position in the health and preventative medicine domain by applying our knowhow and strengths in the food and pharmaceuticals businesses and by proactively engaging in open innovation to incorporate external expertise.

Sustainability Vision

Under the three main themes: Healthier Lives, Caring for the Earth and A Richer Society, we will actively contribute to addressing social issues through business.

Our promise and commitment for Sustainability 2026 Vision

As Food and Health professionals, we contribute to addressing social issues through our business activities, and to realizing a sustainable society for people to live healthy, peaceful lives.

Management Vision

We will advance the management system/structure by three policies as shown below.

  • 1Establish functional, strategic management system to grow sustainably in Japan and globally

    ・Systemize and apply succession plan, created based on our leadership value

    ・Establish business management system, secure and develop quality human resources to expand overseas business

  • 2Develop work environment, in-house system, organizational climate to maximize individual potential

    ・Create motivated and enthusiastic work environment

    ・Promote diversity

    ・Improve labor productivity and commit to health and safety in the work environment

  • 3Enhance the meiji corporate brand