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At a Glance

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Our Nutrition Initiatives

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Since 1932, Meiji has been utilizing manufacturing expertise to craft delicious cheese from the richest raw milk. The Hokkaido Tokachi Cheese brand is a mainstay of our now extensive lineup of natural and processed cheeses, including Camembert, fresh mozzarella, sliced cheese, and portioned cheese.

We began with a passion to "change cheese in Japan," creating new tastes and encounters at the table that complement Japanese food culture. These principles have helped Meiji cheese rank fourth in the Japanese domestic cheese market with an 9.9% share.*

* INTAGE SRI+, Cheese Market Share in Value from April 2022 to March 2023

Three Facts about Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Cheese

Photo of a specialist inspecting cheese for aroma.

How does Meiji create the distinct flavor found only in Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Cheese? We invented the Umami Lactobacillus Maturation technology to bring out the Umami flavors found in natural cheese. For Hokkaido Tokachi Smoked Camembert, we use low-temperature smoking to achieve a distinctive mild taste, smokey aroma, and delicate mouthfeel.

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More than 60% of natural cheese produced in Japan comes from Tokachi, a region in Hokkaido located around the same latitude as the best cheesemaking regions of Europe. The climate is cool even in the summer, making it ideal for cheesemaking.

Photo of a cheese block on a cheese board

A hallmark feature of Meiji's Hokkaido Tokachi Cheese is its extensive lineup. Camembert and mozzarella are the most popular, but we also offer over twenty different types, including parmesan, cheddar, smoked, black pepper, quattro formaggi, reduced fat, sliced or string cheese, plus a rich umami blended cheese infused with Japanese Dashi.


Product information follows Japanese food labeling standards.

Product information follows Japanese food labeling standards.

Meiji Hokkaido Tokachi Camembert 90g
Natural cheese
Contents: 90g
Ingredients: Raw milk, Salt
Storage: 10℃ or lower
Nutrition Information
per 90g
Energy 271kcal
Total carbohydrate1.3g
Sodium chloride1.0g