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At a Glance

At a Glance

Get to know Meiji at a glance – from our core business to our most important numbers.



Medical needs are always diversifying – here's how Meiji is responding.


From prevention to treatment, Meiji is improving quality of care and lowering drug costs for millions of patients worldwide. 

a photo of the Petri dish and dropper a photo of the Petri dish and dropper


Medical needs are always changing, and Meiji is responding with new drug development for infectious diseases and other conditions. We also engage in open innovation in fields such as hematology and oncology.


Our development pipeline ranges from areas of core expertise through to biosimilars and generic drugs for blood tumors.

a photo of the two researchers a photo of the two researchers
a photo of powder of API a photo of powder of API

Pharmaceutical APIs

Innovation at Meiji doesn't end with our own products. We also supply active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to other pharma companies worldwide.

a photo of Meiji Seika Pharma building

Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.

Beginning with the production of penicillin in 1946, Meiji Seika Pharma has established itself as a leader in the manufacture and sale of antibacterial drugs. The company also supplies high-quality generic drugs and treatments.

Corporate Profile

KM Biologics Co., Ltd.

KM Biologics is a biotechnology company specializing in human vaccines, veterinary products, and blood plasma products. The company continues to create first-in-the-nation and first-in-the-world technologies for the prevention of infectious diseases and the treatment of diseases.

a photo of KM Biolgics buildings

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