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Meiji The Chocolate

Tour the world of chocolate with Meiji The Chocolate. From Venezuela to Brazil, Peru, the Dominican Republic, and other countries, The Chocolate gives people the opportunity to experience the unique flavors and characteristics of chocolate from around the world. Made possible by Meiji's long-standing expertise in the chocolate industry, The Chocolate celebrates a diversity of delicious tastes and textures.

Photo of  Meiji The Chocolate Venezuela

A Tour of Taste

A bar of fruity chocolate from Brazil or a floral flavor from Peru? Each country and region where the cacao in The Chocolate was grown provides a unique and delicious tasting experience.


Photo of  Meiji The Chocolate Venezuela


Photo of  Meiji The Chocolate Brazil


Photo of  Meiji The Chocolate Peru

Dominican Republic

Photo of  Meiji The Chocolate Dominican Republic

The Secret Shape of Flavor

The secret ingredient of these bite-sized chocolates is an ancient Japanese design principle, the Yamato Ratio.

Take a moment to indulge the senses in each carefully-crafted piece of Meiji The Chocolate. Discover how the weight, texture, and exceptional finish all come together to enhance the aroma of cacao. But the true secret behind these delectable chocolates is the Yamato Ratio, a timeless Japanese technique used to produce beautiful proportions in art and architecture. When applied to Meiji The Chocolate, this ratio creates the perfect shape for a chocolate experience that is pleasing to the eye and the taste buds.


Product information follows Japanese food labeling standards.

Product information follows Japanese food labeling standards.

Meiji The Chocolate
Venezuela Cacao70 42g
Contents: 42g
Ingredients: Cocoa mass, Sugar, Cocoa powder/Emulsifier (Contains Milk and Soybeans)
Storage: 28℃ or lower
Nutrition Information
per piece (3.5g)
Total carbohydrate1.6g
Sodium chloride0g