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Michiko Kuboyama

Photo of Michiko Kuboyama

Independent Outside Member of the Board
Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.

Date of birth: April 16, 1956
Appointment as an outside director of Meiji Holdings: June 2021
Number of Meiji Holdings' shares held: 1,046 (as of May 31, 2024)

Michiko Kuboyama joined Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.'s Board of Directors as an outside director in 2021. She has built up a successful career in the consumer products industry and has practical experience as an outside director at several major companies. She is also a member of the company's Nomination Committee and Compensation Committee.

Michiko started her career in 1980 when she joined Kao Soap Co., Ltd. (currently Kao Corporation), one of Japan's leading manufacturers of cosmetics and household products. After gaining management experience in marketing and public relations, she was assigned to lead the company's Product Public Relations Department in 2006, and the Product Public Center in 2011. In those roles, Michiko was responsible for strategic public relations for many brands of cosmetics, household goods and personal care goods. Based on her knowledge of customer-focused marketing and strategic public relations, and media relations, she has been contributed to the Lifestyle Research Department as a Communications Fellow since 2016.

Since then, Michiko has served as an outside director on the boards of several companies, including Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, one of Japan's larfest financial institutions. At Meiji Holdings, Michiko is expected to apply that experience while offering advice based on her deep expertise in product development and marketing as well as public relations.