President's Message

The Meiji Group will contribute
to solving social issues through
Food and Pharmaceutical businesses.

The Meiji Group has celebrated its 10th anniversary of business reorganization after management integration. In the last 10 years, domestic Food business achieved significant growth in profits by boosting sales of functional yogurts. Also, our international Food business became profitable. Regarding our Pharmaceutical business, even though there was a negative impact of repeated NHI drug price revisions on the existing domestic business, we acquired a new business portfolio through overseas M&A and entered into vaccine business. Especially in the domain of infectious disease where we originally have the largest market share for antibiotics, we successfully established a strong value chain from prevention to treatment after we started the vaccine business. In addition, the management of the Group as a whole has become more stable as a result of promoting structural reforms such as withdrawing from unprofitable businesses in both Food and Pharmaceutical businesses and reinforcing the production facilities of core businesses.

In this fiscal year, we will boost sales growth of core businesses in Japan and establish growth foundation in overseas markets to achieve our long-term vision the Meiji Group 2026 Vision. In Food business, we will create new markets by introducing value-added products that meet the needs of health-conscious customers. Also, we will expand overseas business by increasing production capacity and strengthening sales structure. In Pharmaceutical business, our goal is to increase the sales of vaccines in Japan and to promote further growth in each area of overseas markets. Furthermore, at the Co-Creation Center, the new research institute that we established in April 2019 for the purpose of generating new health value by utilizing our strength developed in Food and Pharmaceuticals, we will make an achievement as soon as possible by reinforcing development structure.

In addition to the global extreme weather and spread of infectious diseases around the world, there are many social problems in Japan such as low birthrate, aging society and growing awareness of health and prevention. The Meiji Group will contribute to solving social issues through Food and Pharmaceutical businesses to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We will create values that exceed expectations of our customers and become the company that is essential to the lives of people in Japan and around the world.

Your continuous support would be appreciated.

June 2020

Kazuo Kawamura


President and Representative Director

Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.