President's Message

We will actively contribute to
solving social issues through the
food and pharmaceutical businesses.

The Meiji Group has been working on widening the world of Tastiness and Enjoyment and meeting all expectations regarding Health and Reassurance. We believe this is our mission. Nevertheless, we are facing many major social issues. These include the spread of infectious diseases worldwide, an increase in lifestyle-related diseases and aging population in advanced countries, and poverty and malnutrition in developing countries. We are involved in both the food and pharmaceutical businesses. Therefore, we are expected to actively contribute to solving social issues by creating health value unique to the Meiji Group.

Under these circumstances, we started our Medium-term Business Plan ending FY 2023 (the Plan) in April 2021. We believe FY 2021 will be a very important year for the Plan. We newly introduced the Meiji ROESG®*1 as a management indicator in the Plan. Thus, we will realize both business growth and increased ESG activities. In addition to evaluations by third parties, we will set up goals unique to the Meiji Group, such as extending healthy life expectancy and increasing protein intake, for ESG especially. We will aim to contribute to these goals. Business issues: In the food business, we will recover growth from the slump in our core business in Japan and accelerate growth in our business overseas. In the pharmaceutical business, we will integrate the business operations of Meiji Seika Pharma and KM Biologics and improve our CMO/CDMO*2 business. We updated our Group slogan, Now ideas for wellness, in June 2021. We would like to play an integral role in the health field.

Additionally, we formulated Meiji Green Engagement for 2050, our long-term environmental vison, in April 2021.
Our business relies on the bounty of nature. Accordingly, we will engage in global social issues, such as climate change, working closely with various stakeholders to coexist with nature.

Your continuous support would be highly appreciated.

June 2021

Kazuo Kawamura


President and Representative Director

Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.

  • *1 ROESG is a registered trademark for a management indicator developed by Kunio Ito, a professor at Hitotsubashi University.
  • *2 CMO: Contract Manufacturing Organization, CDMO: Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization