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Meiji Quality Comm

Quality Management System — “Meiji Quality Comm”

Meiji has developed and implemented a new quality management system which we call “Meiji Quality Communication.”
Through this system, we at Meiji intend to continuously strengthen our quality assurance activities.

At Meiji a key component of quality assurance is providing value to the customer. Value is the benefit customers expect from our products, and it is what we consider to be most important.

The other key component of quality assurance is providing product safety. Under Meiji Quality Comm., we are implementing robust risk management procedures, including risk assessment along the entire food chain.

It is the job of each section to define and follow procedures aimed at ensuring the safety and value of all our products.
The quality assurance division audits of each section’s procedures, and the top management, including the CEO, conducts a thorough management review.

This system is designed to facilitate communication between different sections in our company to ensure a proper understanding of value and safety, as well as communication with stakeholders about Meiji’s commitment to quality assurance.

All employees are obligated to follow the Quality Policy, which provides a framework to cover the procedures of each section.

Quality Management System