Research and Development Structure of Meiji Group

Research and Development Structure of Meiji Group

Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.

Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. established a new research laboratory, Co-Creation Center, under the umbrella of Meiji Holdings in April 2019. This is part of our goal of New challenges in the health value domain as stated in our key strategies in the Meiji Group 2026 Vision.
Our strength is to have both food and pharmaceutical businesses. Co-Creation Center will combine and develop research in each business field and proactively incorporate external expertise while working on the research topics such as aging, the diet therapy and microbiome (intestinal flora). We aim to create unique value that leads to an extension of healthy life expectancy while proactively promoting open innovation.

Food Segment
Meiji Co., Ltd.

The research and development structure of Meiji Co,.Ltd is comprised of Food Development Laboratories, Food Microbiology and Function Research Laboratories, Food Science & Technology Research Laboratories and Food Quality & Safety Research Laboratories, R&D Total Oversight Department and Patent Department. We will continue to explore new possibilities and conduct research and development to achieve even better results. We will do this by combining the research functions of these laboratories and departments and then sharing the expertise they have cultivated.

Pharmaceutical Segment
Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.

The research and development structure of Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd. is comprised of the head office organization and two laboratories. We are aiming to become a pharmaceutical company specializing in the infectious disease and the central nervous system areas. At the same time, we are also engaged in research on generic pharmaceutical products, agricultural chemicals and animal drugs.
We will incorporate new technologies and knowledge in the research and development of pharmaceutical products to create value that keeps us a step ahead of others. Through these efforts, we will aim to continue growing in Japan and around the rest of the world.

Pharmaceutical Segment
KM Biologics Co., Ltd.

KM Biologics Co., Ltd. produces various technologies as a base of biotechnology in the Kikuchi Laboratories in Kumamoto Prefecture.
We are working on advanced research using bio-technology based on our outstanding knowledge in immunology, microbiology, hematology, veterinary medicine and biochemistry.