Meiji Seika Pharma Co.,Ltd.

Ethical Pharmaceuticals

We are researching and developing new pharmaceutical products. We are doing this with the aim of becoming the leading company in Japan in areas where we are strong by increasing the speed and improving the certainty of this research and development.
We are researching and developing generic pharmaceutical products. This is so that we can widely provide high-quality pharmaceutical products by taking advantage of the development capabilities and high quality we have cultivated up to now.

specialty & generic

Infectious Disease
Viruses, etc.
New Fields
Biologics, etc.

Research and Development Structure

Pharmaceutical Research Center

The center discovers development candidates by coordinating discovery, synthesis, and evaluations of pharmacological efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetics. Further, the center is responsible for work related to applications for clinical development and approval. The center also conducts tests and research aimed at establishing additional indications for and promoting sales of products that the Company has already brought to market.

Chemistry, Manufacturing & Control Research Labs

These laboratories examine methods of synthesizing and formulating bulk drugs, new drugs, biosimilars, and generic drugs. Also, they conduct various types of tests for the acquisition of approval. For example, the laboratories examine the physicochemical properties, measure the impurities, and test the chemical stability of bulk drugs.

Bioscience Labs

These laboratories use leading-edge technology to research and develop biopharmaceuticals, including biosimilars. Also, the laboratories are continuing research and product development based on the advanced fermentation technology that we have established over many years.

Agricultural Chemicals and Veterinary Drugs

Agricultural Chemicals Department

We are researching and developing new formulations in our agrochemical business. This is to further strengthen the brand in Japan of our main product that is the rice blast preventative ORYZEMATE. At the same time, we are researching and developing new compounds that can make a contribution around the world.

Animal Health Department

We are continuing to conduct research and development in the area of infectious diseases in the industrial animal field in our animal health business. Simultaneously, we are conducting research and development to enlarge the companion animal field.

Research and Development Structure

Agricultural & Veterinary Research Labs

These laboratories use synthetic organic chemistry, natural products chemistry, biology, and physical chemistry to conduct exploratory research, examine adaption for mass production, and support sales of agricultural chemicals that protect crops form pests, pathogens, and weeds. Further, the laboratories introduce, develop, and test products that promote the health of industrial animals.

KM Biologics Co., Ltd.

At KM Biologics, we understand the growing needs of today. That’s why we perform cutting-edge research into biological pharmaceuticals to develop vaccines for humans and animals in a timely and strategic manner. We have expertise in biotechnology such as culturing technologies for cells, viruses and bacteria, blood plasma protein isolation, and protein engineering. We continue to lead the way in research and development within the biologics industry.

Human Vaccines

KM Biologics' history of vaccine production started with the smallpox vaccine over a half century ago. Since then, we have produced many vaccines including those for typhoid and typhus, and have contributed to the eradication of infectious diseases in Japan. In recent years, through collaborating with companies and universities in Japan and overseas, we have been working on the development of new vaccines such as cell culture-derived influenza vaccines and DPT-based combined vaccines.

Antitoxins and Antivenoms

Today, KM Biologics is the only company in Japan to produce antitoxins and antivenoms. We began manufacturing antivenom products (for mamushi and habu) around 1970, and then started producing antitoxins for botulism, diphtheria, and gas gangrene for the national stockpile in Japan.

Blood Plasma Products

Blood plasma products are highly purified medicines produced from donated blood, with proteins extracted from the plasma that are effective for treating various diseases. Immunoglobulin, albumin, and blood coagulation factor products are effective medical products for treating various severe diseases. These high-quality and safe products can help patients to combat many severe diseases.

Veterinary Vaccines

KM Biologics has been at the forefront of developing vaccines for classical swine fever, fowl pox, and Newcastle disease. We have also played a significant role in the prevention of acute communicable diseases. In recent years, KM Biologics has been focusing on products for poultry and porcine use, and advancing the development of vaccine technology. Ultimately, we are dedicated to the improvement of hygiene on farms and the stable supply of products for veterinary use.

Research and Development Structure

Kikuchi Research Center

The Kikuchi Research Center was established in 1985 and has invented various advanced technologies as groundwork for biotechnology research and innovation. Its vast premises include a main research building and vaccine manufacturing buildings, which utilize genetic modification technology and cell culture techniques.