Investor FAQs

When was Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. established?
Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. was established April 1, 2009 as the sole parent company of Meiji Seika Kaisha Ltd. and Meiji Dairies Corporation via a mutual stock transfer by the two companies. See Group History.


When did the stock go public?
April 1, 2009.
What types of business does the Meiji Group engage in?
Dairy, confectionery, health and nutritionals, pharmaceuticals and others.
What is your shareholder composition?
See Stock and Shareholders Information.

Stock Information

What is your approach to dividends?
See Dividend Information.


What is the determination date for dividend recipients?
September 30 for interim dividends, March 31 for term-end dividends.
What is the per-share dividend?
See Dividend Information.


When does the fiscal year end?
March 31.
What are your earnings?
See Financial Performance.

Financial Performance