Agricultural Chemicals and Veterinary Drugs

Agricultural Chemicals and Veterinary Drugs

Meiji agrochemicals and veterinary drugs for a safe, stable food supply

Our presence in agrochemicals and veterinary drugs contributes to the stable supply of safe and reliable agricultural, livestock and marine products as well as improves productivity around the world.

Rice blast preventatives



Market share in Japan


Source: Based on Meiji Handbook of Agircultural Chemicals -2020-,
Japan Plant Protection Association

Agriculture chemicals
Well trusted and with a long history of effective use

We started growing our agrochemical business in the early 1960s with the launch of Gibberellin plant-growth regulator and Agrept horticultural bactericide. These two successes were followed by Oryzemate — currently the market’s leading rice blast preventative and a mainstay with farmers for over 40 years — and recently released Zaxa herbicide. To this day Meiji is actively pursuing R&D into other agrochemicals in order to expand market penetration both domestically and overseas.

Industrial veterinary drugs



Market share in Japan


Source: Fuji Keizai Co., Ltd., fiscal 2016

Veterinary drugs
Keeping livestock and companion animals healthy

Meiji’s veterinary drugs business officially kicked off in 1955 with the launch of Meirich P veterinary-penicillin feed additive. Since then our product lines have expanded to include injectable antibacterial drugs, feed additives, disinfectant agents and functional materials. Our veterinary drugs currently hold leading positions in the livestock and fishery industries, and include Marbocyl — the top-selling medication for treatment of pneumonia. Also our environmental disinfectants are best sellers, helping reduce the spread of dangerous ailments such as foot-and-mouth disease and bird flu.

For the wellness of companion animals, we offer a number of drugs and nutritional supplements. Our new Alfaxan anesthetic is seeing increased growth in the market. Developing new veterinary drugs fuels our growth, domestically and in Asia.