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Amino Collagen Amino Collagen

Number 2 in Japan market share for collagen beauty drinks

Amino Collagen, which launched in 2002, contains ingredients vital to healthy, vibrant skin such as hydrolyzed fish collagen, glucosamine, arginine and vitamin C. Because we virtually eliminated the odor and taste of the high-quality fish collagen, Amino Collagen can be added to beverages and food without ruining flavor, making it easy to consume on a regular basis.

Key Facts

Market share
in Japan

Source: INTAGE Inc., SRI*

SRI: Market value estimates based on point-of-sales data for pharmaceuticals that INTAGE Inc. collected from retail outlets nationwide.

Soft, supple skin

Just 7 grams a day
is all it takes to
restore natural

Easy to

Add to your favorite
beverages or dishes!

Dissolves readily in
your hot or cold drinks
and food

Product Lineup

  • Amino Collagen
    Amino Collagen
    Amino Collagen Premium
    Amino Collagen Premium

Smooth, supple skin all across Asia

We targeted Hong Kong in 2005 for the first overseas launch of our hugely popular Amino Collagen. Since then we have expanded into Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and India. Throughout Asia people are becoming more aware of health and food safety. Thanks to Meiji’s sterling reputation, Amino Collagen is attracting more Asian consumers each year. We aim to expand sales by fully leveraging the Meiji brand image.



Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam and Singapore