Meiji Milk Chocolate Meiji Milk Chocolate

Number 1 chocolate manufacture in Japanese market by sales

Our first chocolate was introduced in 1918, after which we released Meiji Milk Chocolate in 1926. This mellow chocolate is made from carefully selected ingredients and manufactured according to strict specifications. Its production process and delicious flavor have remained largely unchanged to this day. As our flagship brand, the Meiji's chocolate lineup includes nearly 130 products, including chocolate snacks and cocoa-rich chocolate.

Key Facts

Market share
in Japan

Source: INTAGE Inc., SRI*

* SRI: Market value estimates based on point-of-sales data for food products and daily sundry goods that INTAGE Inc. collected from retail outlets nationwide.

cocoa production

Product Lineup

  • Milk Chocolate
    Meiji Milk Chocolate
    Chocolate snack, Kinoko no Yama
    Chocolate snack,
    Kinoko no Yama
    Chocolate snack, Takenoko no Sato
    Chocolate snack,
    Takenoko no Sato
    Bean To Bar Chocolate
    Bean To Bar Chocolate
  • Chocolate Kouka Cacao 86%
    Chocolate Kouka Cacao 86%
    Almond chocolate
    Almond Chocolate

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Satisfying sweet tooths around the world

Since introducing Singapore to our Yan Yan snack sticks in 1988 and Hello Panda biscuits in 1991, these tasty treats are now sold in more than 40 countries around the world, with a particularly strong consumer base in Asia and the US.



Launched Yan Yan in 1988 and Hello Panda in 1991.


Sales of Yan Yan and Hello Panda remain robust. Launched Chocorooms in 2007 and have recorded excellent sales of the product since then.


Began production and sales of Yan Yan in Guangzhou in 1997, and Almond Chocolate, Macadamia Chocolate and Meltykiss in Shanghai in 2006. Owing to their Japanese origins and concomitant reputation for quality and safety, these products have become some of our biggest sellers, and form the basis for the success we currently enjoy in China.