Ethical Pharmaceuticals

Ethical Pharmaceuticals

Meiji — A specialty and generic pharma company

Meiji’s global pharmaceuticals business is mainly devoted to cure for infectious diseases — historically our main pursuit — and drugs for central nervous system (CNS) disorders. We maintain a visible presence in both fields through patented brand-name pharmaceuticals, and continue to grow our generic drugs operations.

Systemic antibacterial drugs


Market share in Japan


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Infectious diseases
Meiji — A significant player in the antibiotics field

Our R&D into penicillin began after the second-world war, with manufacturing and sale commencing in 1946 and culminating in the release of Streptomycin and Cyclin by the mid-1950s. In only a decade, our pharmaceuticals business was larger than our food operations. Later, we launched Kanamycin in 1958, which was destined to become Japan’s most exported pharmaceutical and firmly established Meiji’s presence in the market. By 1987 our product lineup encompassed systemic antibiotics, and now includes globally recognized brands such as Meiact, which we developed on our own.

Antidepressant + atypical antipsychotic drug


Market share in Japan


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Central nervous system disorders
Timely Meiji remedies for modern ailments

Aging boomers, stressed mid-lifers and even relatively young people are increasingly to CNS disorders, which continue to rise in Japan. Meiji has responded to this troubling health trend with medications such as Meilax, which launched in 1989 and subsequently helped diversify our pharmaceutical portfolio. We have since released the antidepressant Depromel — the first drug in Japan for treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder and now commanding a solid market presence — and Reflex, another antidepressant that features a unique mechanism of action.

Generic drugs


Market Share in Japan


Generic Drugs
Safe, cost-efficient alternatives

Healthcare costs continue to soar as Japan’s society ages and treatment becomes more complex. To reign in costs, the government is implementing drug-price revisions and promoting use of drugs for its National Health Insurance Responding to these trends, The Meiji Group started producing and selling generic in the 1990s. Our strategy is to concentrate on the fields in which we specialize — infectious diseases and CNS disorders — and on products for which needs and market size are significant.

The generic drugs business has burgeoned since we fully entered it in 2006. Meiji has successfully responded to this lucrative market by providing a stable supply of high-quality products and corresponding usage information for healthcare professionals. In FY2014, our generic drugs business recorded net sales of ¥32.1 billion, maintaining our standing as the leading manufacturer of generics among brand-name drug companies in Japan.

Integrated marketing of brand-name drugs and generics

As a manufacturer of both brand-name and generic drugs, we employ a unique marketing strategy that focuses on delivering a stable supply of high-quality products and corresponding usage information for healthcare professionals without distinguishing between the two product types. Medical professionals who use our products propose therapeutic regimens by selecting from a variety of brand-name and generic drugs based on patient needs. We also have supply and quality-assurance systems to ensure users of only the finest medications.

Our Pharmaceuticals Business in the world.



A systemic antibiotic marketed in 26 countries.

  • Meiact China
  • Meiact Spain
  • Meiact Middle East
    Middle East
  • Meiact Vietnam
  • Meiact Indonesia
  • Meiact Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia
  • Meiact Turkey
  • Meiact Thailand
  • Meiact South Korea
    South Korea


A treatment for reducing arthritic pain marketed in 39 countries.

  • Adant China
  • Adant Mexico
  • Adant Spain

Expanding CMO*1 and CDMO*2 operations

The global market for contract manufacturing business is projected to reach US$79 billion by 2019*3, with continued growth expected through 2025. The Meiji Group aims to keep apace with this market through Medreich’s CMO*1 and CDMO*2 operations, expanding them steadily as part of the Group’s core overseas businesses.

  • *1 Contract Manufacturing Organization
  • *2 Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization
  • *3 Based on Meiji Holdings’ research