Infant Formula

Meiji Hohoemi/Step Meiji Hohoemi/Step

Balanced nutrition for healthy babies

Our first infant formula was released in 1923, which was followed in 1951 by Soft Curd Meiji Infant Formula. Subsequently renamed Meiji Hohoemi, this formula can be used as both a supplement and replacement for breast milk through a baby’s first year. After that it can be replaced by Step up through age three. Meiji infant formulas are formulated with the goal of helping babies grow as if fed breast milk, and are supported by our own surveys of 200,000 children and 4,000 mothers that compared growth between babies who were weaned from the bottle and those from mother’s milk. As producer of the world’s first cubed-shaped infant formula, Meiji makes feeding time easier than ever by greatly reducing the chance of spilled powder.

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Product Lineup

  • Meiji Hohoemi 800g
    Meiji Hohoemi 800g
    Meiji Step 820g
    Meiji Step 800g
    Meiji Hohoemi cube 1296g (27g x 24 packs)
    Meiji Hohoemi Cube 1296g
    (27g x 24 packs)
    Meiji Hohoemi cube 432g (27g x 16 packs)
    Meiji Hohoemi Cube 432g
    (27g x 16 packs)
  • Meiji Step cube 1344g (28g x 24 packs)
    Meiji Step Cube 1344g
    (28g x 24 packs)
    Meiji Step cube 448g (28g x 16 packs)
    Meiji Step Cube 448g
    (28g x 16 packs)

Safe, healthy alternatives to mother’s milk

Meiji has marketed infant formulas overseas since the 1950’s. Our prominent brand image — coupled with our reputation for employing advanced Japanese technology — assures Meiji customers of safe, high-quality products.

We now export goods for infants and expectant/nursing mothers to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Pakistan. In Taiwan, Taiwan Meiji food, which is our subsidiary, devoted to promoting infant formulas. In Hong Kong, Vietnam and Pakistan, we market our products through retail agents, with sales volumes and Meiji brand recognition steadily on the rise.