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Secure Water Resources


Reduce domestic water use volume (base units) by more than 20% compared with FYE March 2016 baseline by FYE March 2031.

Appropriate Water Management and Water Risks

Water is a vital resource for the Meiji Group, and as an invaluable resource in the world, we believe its management is essential for achieving a sustainable society. Therefore, we set a target to reduce our water consumption by 20% (base unit, compared to FYE March 2016) by FYE March 2031. To achieve this target, we will appropriately manage water intake and discharge as well as mitigate risk, and thereby conserve water and ensure the continuity of our businesses.


Reduce Water Consumption via Appropriate Water Management and Water Conservation Equipment

We are constantly working hard to save water and reduce its footprint in the environment from our water intake. We have revised our production processes to enhance our water-use efficiency and are also working to recycle water.

Improving Wastewater Quality Through Appropriate Chemical Substance Management

We have set more stringent standards for discharged water than the legal standards in Japan, and we are working on preventing water pollution. In order to reduce our environmental footprint of discharged water, we install equipment that uses activated sludge treatment and methane fermentation at plants or for processes that discharge a lot of water.

Methane fermentation process
Rainwater storage facility
Survey of Water Risks

We assess the water risks in all areas where our domestic and international production sites are located in order to understand the impact of water usage on production. For this assessment, we use AQUEDUCT, an international water risk assessment software launched by the World Resources Institute (WRI). We also collect information and develop specific measures for the site.