Sustainability Management

The basis of “the Meiji Group's Approach to sustainability” is to fulfill sustainability by putting the Group Philosophy into practice on a day-to-day basis in mainstay businesses and by remaining a corporate group society needs. Each Meiji Group employee will advance activities based on the Corporate Behavior Charter to meet stakeholders' expectations and continue fulfilling social responsibilities.

Meiji Group 2026 Vision

Our promise and commitment for the 2026 Vision
We will combine the strengths, the Meiji Group has cultivated over the past 100 years, with the latest technology and new findings. Thus we create innovative ways to meet our customers' needs with food and health and grow in Japan and around the world sustainably.


Key Strategies

Meiji Group Sustainability 2026 Vision

As Food and Health professionals, we contribute to addressing social issues through our business activities, and to realizing a sustainable society for people to live healthy, peaceful lives.

The Meiji Group has created the Meiji Group Sustainability 2026 Vision. This was designed to embody “Social contributions”, which is a key strategy in the Meiji Group 2026 Vision. The sustainability vision identifies activities that the Meiji Group should embrace over the long term. We have set KPIs so that the Group Sustainability Committee can monitor our progress and disclose information.

Creating our Vision

  1. STEP 1Identify issues and select activities
    Select activities tailored for the Meiji Group considering business initiatives, community requests and sustainable development goals (SDGs).
  2. STEP 2Identify materiality and set the KPIs
    Set the KPIs. Confer with experts outside of the company regarding the selected activities, identify materiality (material issues).
  3. STEP 3Obtain approval from management
    Sustainability secretariat and the Group Sustainability Committee discusses, and the Board of Directors makes a decision.

Progress of Sustainability 2026 Vision

  1. 2017・Began discussions to establish vision
  2. 2018・Established vision
    ・Identify materiality
    ・Revised how the vision’ s activities in each area are related to the SDGs
  3. 2019・Joined UN Global Compact
    ・Discussions with outside experts
    Mr. Peter David Pedersen

Outline of Vision

The Meiji Group Sustainability 2026 Vision is broken down into three themes: “Healthier Lives”, “Caring for the Earth” and “A Richer Society”. We established specific areas of activities under each theme. Based on this framework, shown in the figure, we promote sustainability activities that are developed in the Meiji way to fulfill our corporate responsibilities.

Progress on Materiality

After conferring with experts outside of the company, we identified materiality and set KPIs. As we continue to promote sustainability activities to achieve our KPIs, we shall report on our progress each year.

Feedback from Experts

In April 2019, Mr. Peter David Pedersen and Mr. Kawamura from Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. discussed the Group’s sustainability. Their dialogue covered a frank and lively exchange about a number of topics, including challenges the Group should prepare for after the Meiji Group sustainability 2026 Vision as well as sustainability activities unique to the Meiji Group. Use the link below to see the details of this discussion.

Mr. Peter David Pedersen Co-founder, NELIS Director, TACL Co-founder, E-Square Inc.
▲ The left side of the picture
Mr. Peter David Pedersen
Co-founder, NELIS
Director, TACL
Co-founder, E-Square Inc.

What to Expect from the Meiji Group

The global population is expected to balloon to
ten billion people by 2050, with 3 billion expected to live in slums and 52% of the population facing water stress or water scarcity. Social problems in the future can be viewed as a potential business chance so to speak. Therefore, it is important to weigh social issues appropriately and change them to business opportunities.
I believe, the Meiji Group can be classified as one of those companies that is essential to daily life. The Group must define the social issues that people face. It is my hope that the Group will bring employees together and successfully actualize innovation, solve problems as well as ensure growth globally.

In the age of SDGs, I think that it is well-timed that the Group set up the new sustainability 2026 Vision focusing on addressing social issues. I expect that the Group will continue to disclose information as the Group achieves success through its business.

Mr. Hidemi Tomita Director, Lloyd's Register Japan K.K.
Mr. Hidemi Tomita
Director, Lloyd's Register Japan K.K.

Group Sustainability System


We have established the Group Sustainability Committee, with the President and Representative Director of Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. at its helm, and will continue to engage in activities following this committee's direction. This committee meets twice annually. It monitors the progress of activities to achieve KPIs in the Meiji Group Sustainability 2026 Vision and also establishes sustainability policies. There is a sustainability Secretariat that meets monthly and is made up of the Sustainability representatives from Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. and the operating companies. We share information to address issues, such as climate change and sustainable procurement, while staying on target with the SDGs. The progress of these Group Sustainability activities is reported twice annually at the Board meetings.

The Group Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Promotion


Holding Workshops with Experts

The Group Sustainability Committee holds workshops with outside professionals.

  • July 2017: Mr. Hiroshi Tomita, the manager of Cre-en Inc., Sustainable Development Goals towards business
  • July 2018: Mr. Tsuneo Oba, executive director of Global Compact Network Japan, Global Compact
  • September 2019: Mr. Keisuke Takegahara, Deputy Chief Research Officer of Development Bank of Japan Inc., TCFD
Mr. Hiroshi Tomita's seminar

Informing Employees

The Meiji Group strives to keep employees informed about our sustainability system and activities. Each edition of our internal company magazines includes important sustainability information for domestic and overseas employees, such as recent sustainability activity news, special features on relevant topics, and policies. We have published internal company magazine "Meiji Journal" in English and Chinese biannually.

Our internal company magazine for domestic employees
Our internal company magazine “Meiji Journal” for overseas employees

Editorial Policy

Starting from August 2018, Meiji Group issues the Integrated Report and replace the Annual Report that has been issued up until now. This Sustainability web site complements the Integrated Report, introducing various activities contributing to the sustainability of the world.

Scope and Boundary of Reporting

Organizational Scope

This report covers the activities of the Meiji Group, comprising, unless otherwise noted, Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd., Meiji Co., Ltd., Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd., and KM Biologics Co., Ltd., and these Group companies.

Period Covered

Fiscal Year End March 2019 (April 1, 2018-March 31, 2019)
Some qualitative information includes performance of FYE March 2020.

Guidelines Referenced

  • ・GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards in 2016
  • ・SASB
  • ・Environment Reporting Guidelines (2018) by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan
  • ・ISO26000

Issuance Period

Issued on: October 31, 2019
Next scheduled for issue in October 2020

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