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Kazuo Kawamura President and Representative Director Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.

The Meiji Group expands the world of Tastiness, Enjoyment, Health, and Reassurance across a wide range of products for every customer, from infants to senior citizens. We provide value in Food and Health that is always moving one step ahead, and we continue to grow in Japan and throughout the world, leveraging our strengths in technology and expertise developed over 100 years of experience.

At the same time, the world has high expectations for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in the face of global warming, population growth and food shortages, plastics polluting our oceans, and other grave developments.

To respond to the expectations of society, the Meiji Group created the Meiji Group sustainability 2026 Vision. We have designated Sustainable Procurementas a common theme together with Healthier Lives, Caring for the Earth, and a Richer Society, defining materiality and setting key performance indicators as part of moving toward this vision to solve societal issues through our businesses.

Our core business is to help people live Healthier Lives. To contribute to healthier diets and respond to an ultra-aging society, we identify the health needs of our diversifying customer base. Then, we use our strengths developed through foods and pharmaceuticals, as well as our advanced expertise in nutrition and medicine, to offer new value.

In Caring for the Earth, we share and address the issues in common with the entire planet. Here, we are adopting renewable energy as part of our decarbonization policy. We are also working to reduce food loss by half and recycle plastic resources.

A Richer Society is a society that creates connections among people. We respect human rights and diversity, while fostering the type of personnel necessary for creating innovation. At the same time, we strive to create a positive workplace for all that encourages health management and offers work-style reforms.

Finally, under our common theme of Sustainable Procurement, we are moving forward steadily with plans for using certified palm oil as a substitute ingredient, while coordinating with organizations involved in procurement activities that reflect a respect for human rights and the environment.

To communicate our sustainability vision and corporate stance, we have added policies related to taxes, anti-corruption, and other governance matters in addition to the policies on human rights, occupational health and safety, environment, and procurement already in place. We will continue to address these and other initiatives as a group.

The Meiji Group is serious about corporate growth, as well as addressing the social issues surrounding our businesses. As we contribute solutions to these issues, we strive to help create a sustainable society.

March 2019

Kazuo Kawamura
President and Representative Director
Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.