Top Commitment

Kazuo Kawamura President and Representative Director Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages, the world finds itself in a tremendously difficult situation. My prayers go out to all those affected and their families, wishing them a rapid recovery. I also want to express my deep respect and appreciation to the medical professionals working on the front lines under these trying circumstances, our health and government agencies, and everyone else involved in producing and supplying the goods necessary to support our lives.

The global spread of COVID-19 comes as we are also dealing with other important issues such as climate change due to global warming, natural disasters caused by extreme weather, among others. We are faced with the need to reexamine our long held values and behaviors. A true crisis stands before us and I believe we must do our part as a company to support the sustainability of society through our businesses.

In response to these social trends, in October 2019, the Meiji Group established the Sustainable Management Department to accelerate our sustainability activities across the group. We will focus on adopting a more future-oriented vision and corporate strategy, incorporating and regularly updating corporate sustainability by addressing the important social issues we are facing. We will evolve and strengthen our sustainability activities in order to create more sustainable society through each of our businesses.

In June 2020, we adopted a chief officer system, introducing the new role of chief sustainability officer (CSO). Our CSO will oversee the sustainability activities of the group, strengthening the integration of sustainability and business, while accelerating our various efforts in this area.

I believe the key to our future sustainability activities is the promotion of innovative activities that reflect Meiji Group’s values. We are a company that operates businesses that focus both on food and pharmaceuticals. Creating products and services that contribute to healthier lives is the core activity supporting our values and the mission of the Meiji Group. More specifically, we are pursuing goals such as decarbonization through the use of renewable energies, implementation of human rights due diligence, and strengthening human rights and environmental considerations in our procurement activities.

As every Meiji Group employee are encouraged and trained to be aware of and treat social issues as their everyday work, we will strive to become a company that helps solves social problems and helps create a future society in which the people of the world live happy and healthy lives.

July 2020

Kazuo Kawamura

President and Representative Director

Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd.