Our Businesses

The Meiji Group provides customers of all ages ―from infants to seniors― with a wide range of products for healthy and fulfilling lives. From delicious confectionaries and wholesome dairy products to body-enhancing nutrition supplements and vital pharmaceuticals, we make people's wellness our main mission.

Meiji Group

Fresh and Fermented Dairy Business
Yogurt, drinking milk, beverages, etc.
Processed Food Business
Cheese, butter and margarine, cream, ice cream, frozen food, etc.
Confectionery Business
Chocolate, gummy, chewing gum, etc.
Nutritionals Business
Sports nutrition, infant formula, eternal formula, beauty supplement, OTC drugs, etc.
Overseas and Other Business
Overseas, food stuffs, livestock products, sugar and corn sweeteners, transportation, etc.
Ethical Pharmaceuticals
Drugs for infections diseases, drugs for central nervous system disorders, generic drugs, etc.
Agricultural Chemicals, Veterinary Drugs
Agricultural chemicals, livestock chemicals, drugs for companion, etc.
Human vaccines
Vaccines for human use manufactured using viruses, microorganisms, and gene recombinant technologies.
Blood plasma products
Medicinal products made from purified human blood components.
Veterinary vaccines
Vaccines for livestock such as chickens, pigs, and cows. Vaccines for household pets including dogs and cats.