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At a Glance

At a Glance

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Our Nutrition Initiatives

Our Nutrition Initiatives

Our goal is to improve the lives of people of all ages around the world through nutrition, from infants to older adults, and we are dedicated to achieving this goal.



Medical needs are always diversifying – here's how Meiji is responding.

Raw milk delivery and quality control

  • In Japan, dairy companies do not purchase raw milk directly from dairy farmers, but from intermediary milk producers association.

Collaboration with External Partners


  • Work on Sustainable Agriculture through the Dairy Industry.
    "Global Daily Platform (GDP)"

  • Global Dairy Platform (GDP) encourages the appropriate intake of dairy foods while demonstrating the dairy sector's role in sustainable agriculture. Meiji has been a member of the GDP since 2013, and has promoted sustainability and the health benefits of dairy products.

  • Global Daily Platform (GDP)

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  • Aiming to Develop and Promote High-quality Raw Milk Production and Dairy Products.
    "Japanese National Committee of International Dairy. Federation (JIDF)"

  • “International Dairy Federation“ is a non-profit organization that aims to produce high-quality raw milk and develop and promote dairy products in cooperation with dairy industry stakeholders around the world. Since 1956, Meiji has joined the Japanese National Committee. We contribute to the promotion of discussions on issues such as the sustainability of dairy products, nutritional health, and food safety and quality.

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  • Promoting Sustainable Dairy Industry in cooperation with related overseas organizations.
    "Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF)"

  • "Dairy Sustainability Framework" works for the sustainable development of the dairy industry in cooperation with related overseas organizations. Meiji has participated in the framework since 2020 and is working to promote the sustainability of the global dairy industry by sharing progress with participants.

  • Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF)

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  • Working to reduce GHG emissions in the dairy supply chain.
    "Pathways to Dairy Net Zero"

  • Pathways to Dairy Net Zero is as an international collaboration in the dairy sector to act against climate change, Founders of this initiative include the Global Dairy Platform (GDP), the International Dairy Federation (IDF), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Dairy Sustainability Framework (DSF), the SAI Platform, ILRI and IFCN Dairy Research Network. Global Research Alliance for Agricultural Greenhouse Gases is a knowledge partner, with support from FAO. In addition to Meiji, supporters include nearly 200 major organizations, including all 10 of the largest dairy companies in the world. Collectively, they represent approximately 40% of global dairy production. Over the next 30 years, Pathways to Dairy Net Zero aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the dairy sector and dairy products to net zero.

  • Pathways to Dairy Net Zero

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  • Aiming to Promote Health through Milk and Dairy Products.
    "Japan Dairy Association"

  • "Japan Dairy Association" aims to develop Japanese dairy farming and dairy industry, including stabilizing the production and distribution of raw milk and dairy products.
    Katsunari Matsuda, President and Representative Director of Meiji Co., Ltd., serveds as director.
    Members involved in the dairy farming and the dairy industry are working together to promote various initiatives.

  • j-milk

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  • Working on the Future of the Japanese Dairy Industry.
    "Japan Dairy Industry Association"

  • The organization aims to promote the development of Japanese dairy industry, foster consumer’s peace of mind and confidence through improving safety, and promote environmental and recycling measures.
    Since 2023, Katsunari Matsuda, President and Representative Director of Meiji Co., Ltd., has served as chair, contributing to the promotion of the industry-wide initiatives.

  • Japan Dairy Industry Association

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